Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: Spatial Picking


“Then do you want to help your master?”  Long Xiao Pang had a serious expression.

“Un?  I do, but I’m afraid of anything tiring…..”  Huo Ling pursed his little lips and his face looked a little distressed.

Long Xiao Pang saw Huo Ling’s distressed face and seriously said, “It’s not tiring, you just need to go out for a bit and help your master pick something up.”

“It’s really not tiring?”  Huo Ling’s face was filled with doubt, not trusting Long Xiao Pang’s words.

Long Xiao Pang nodded and leaned over against Huo Ling’s ear, “Just do this.  I’ll teach you a move and then you’ll go……”

Long Xiao Pang “taught” Huo Ling for half an hour before patting Huo Ling’s shoulder and honestly saying, “Brother, although you are a vegetarian, your abilities aren’t weak.  You still have to let your master know that you have your uses.”

Huo Ling heard this and instantly was displeased, “This treasure had uses to begin with!  I, I can eat! And I can fly!”

But Huo Ling did not deny Long Xiao Pang’s previous suggestion.  He stuffed two herbs in his mouth and wiped it, “I’m heading off.  That’s right, don’t you steal my herbs!”

Huo Ling angrily looked at Long Xiao Pang.

“Alright, no problem, I definitely won’t eat it!  Go quickly, it’ll be daylight soon.” Long Xiao Pang waved his hand, sending Huo Ling off.

Huo Ling saw Long Xiao Pang agreeing to him and happily left the chaotic space.

Huo Ling just left when Long Xiao Pang took a herb in his hand and began to hum, “Kids are so easy to trick, they’ll believe anything you say.”

Turning around to pick up his roast lamb, he had a meal of meat and vegetables.


Huo Ling heard Long Xiao Pang’s words and left the chaotic space.

He appeared in the tent without a sound.  Seeing that Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er were still sleeping, Huo Ling silently left the tent.

In the chaotic space just now, Long Xiao Pang had taught Huo Ling an important thing or more accurately speaking, a skill.  It was called “Spatial Picking”.

It was as the name suggested.  Huo Ling and Long Xiao Pang because of their physique or bloodline, this bird and ginseng had spatial abilities, so they could freely enter into Ye Yu Xi’s chaotic space.

With the same situation, as long as they mastered the corresponding technique, they could also “pick” things out of Space Rings.

Huo Ling didn’t know this before, but Long Xiao Pang titled the “continental treasure” knew it.  He directly taught Huo Ling and had Huo Ling take something from someone.

Huo Ling skillfully flew out of the tent and went in a direction, heading for another tent.  In just a few minutes, he flew out of the tent and there was a herb between his little claws.

For half an hour, Huo Ling appeared around various tents.  He flew in and out when people weren’t paying attention and he had time to empty them.

Ye Yu Xi only slept for two-three hours at this time, going into a light sleep.  If anyone approached her, Ye Yu Xi could instantly wake up.

Only there were no strangers that approached Ye Yu Xi and Ye Yu Xi was woken up by Huo Ling.

“Master, master!  Wake up and eat some breakfast~~”  Huo Ling called Ye Yu Xi, while also using his beak to gently touch Ye Yu Xi’s face.


Ye Yu Xi’s eyes opened.

Huo Ling flapped his wings to fly up from Ye Yu Xi’s body.

“Master, I’ve helped you find many things!  Quickly look…..” Huo Ling chirped.

Ye Yu Xi looked in the direction Huo Ling mentioned and there were seven-eight light blue herbs on a simple wooden table.

Ye Yu Xi was stunned.  Seeing the appearance and colour of the herb, she said in surprise, “This is…..Extreme Ice Grass?!”

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