Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: Take that slut away for me! (Part 1)

Ye Yu Xi’s face changed.  She never thought that Ye Xing Yong would make it hard for her at this time, not giving her a chance to use the Dark Poison God’s Art.  The hand grabbing Fang Leng Qing increased its might and she sent a kick out, sending Fang Leng Qing flying.

Fang Leng Qing’s strength was clearly not as bad as Ye Bing Fan and Ye Qi Zhi from before.  While she was in the air, she had already used her internal spiritual energy to block Ye Yu Xi’s kick.  Flipping in the air and landing on the ground, she had an ugly look on her face.

Fang Leng Qing’s ugly expression was not because she was injured, but rather because she promised the seventh prince she could take care of Ye Yu Xi.  In the fight just now, she had suffered a loss which made Fang Leng Qing angry.

Fang Leng Qing had been kicked off stage and her face was filled with anger.  When she wanted to jump back onto the stage, there was Yan Hua’s voice in her ears.

“Leng Qing, don’t be in a rush to make a move.  First watch and then we’ll talk.” Yan Hua had been watching the stage the entire time and Ye Yu Xi’s strength had slightly surprised him.  Now that Ye Yu Xi had been surrounded by several dozen people, Yan Hua wanted to see just how powerful Ye Yu Xi was!

Although Fang Leng Qing was angry, after being delayed by Yan Hua, the several dozen Ya Manor guards had already charged onto the stage.  If she won now, she would be known for bullying others. Turning around, she angrily moved to the side and coldly watched the situation on stage.

After Ye Yu Xi had kicked Fang Leng Qing off the stage, she looked up at the several dozen people charging at her.  With a fierce smile, there was a flash of light in her had as her dagger appeared. She released the movement technique she had trained in the Heaven Mountain Range.

Shua, shua, shua!

Ye Yu Xi turned into a shadow on the stage.  When these several dozen people noticed that they were about to hit Ye Yu Xi, her dagger had already passed through them.

Ye Yu Xi knew that these people were just following orders, so she didn’t land the fatal blow.  Most of them had their tendons severed and as long as it was cured in time, it wouldn’t have any threat on their lives.

Ye Yu Xi’s heart was clear that if she began to kill at this time, although this group of people wouldn’t be able to stop her, the seventh prince standing outside could use this as a reason to deal with her!


Ye Yu Xi’s blade broke the arm of the person in front of him.  That person clutched his broken arm as he fell to the ground, pitifully crying out.

On the stage right now, the several dozen Ye Manor guards who charged up, not a single person was standing.


A beautiful figure appeared on the stage, it was Qing’er!

When her young miss was being surrounded, Qing’er thought that her young miss was in trouble and charged onto the stage.  However, Qing’er had underestimated Ye Yu Xi’s strength and when she charged onto the stage, the young miss had already taken care of the flies.

“Ye Xing Yong, what is the meaning of this!  It seems like you want to keep me here today!”  Ye Yu Xi stood on the stage and gave a cold laugh to Ye Xing Yong.

Before Ye Xing Yong could speak, the City Lord’s concubine, Madame Ji saw the pitifully wailing guards on the ground.  An evil light flashed in her eyes as she thought that she had found her chance!

The City Lord’s concubine, Madame Ji shouted at the stage, “Ye Yu Xi!  Today is the Ye Manor’s rite of passage, but you are causing trouble and even taking lives!  Our City Lord’s palace is in charge of keeping the peace and won’t let you act as you wish! Someone!  Take this slut away for me!”

The previous Ye Bing Fan and Fang Leng Qing had been defeated by Ye Yu Xi’s hands which made Madame Ji uncomfortable.  In order to help Ye Bing Fan break through to the fifth spiritual level, the City Lord’s palace had used all their strength, but they never expected Ye Bing Fan to be this useless, being defeated in three moves.

Madame Ji was really worried that Ye Xing Yong would let Ye Yu Xi swagger out.  How would he son’s grudge be repaid if it was like that?

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