Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 192

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Chapter 192: Unrelated to the Ye Manor!

“Everyone has heard of how the Ye Manor has treated me before.  Today is the rite of passage and I, Ye Yu Xi am in the fourth spiritual level, so according to the rules of the Ye Manor, I, Ye Yu Xi am now self reliant from this day forth.  I am unrelated to the Ye Manor!” After saying this, with her clothes not moving at all in the breeze and her cold voice, she was very dominating!


When these words were said, the sound of cold breath being taken was heard.  Even the people in the audience stands couldn’t understand what Ye Yu Xi was planning.

Ye Xing Yong’s face turned sinister.  He was the Ye Manor’s family head and today a junior had beaten his daughter, as well as leaving the clan in front of all these powers, this was a firm slap on his old face.  From this day forth, this matter would spread through Ningyuan City. Would he Ye Xing Yong as the family head still have any face?

“Ye Yu Xi!  Don’t be too arrogant!”  Ye Xing Yong roared. His hands tightened as he suppressed his anger.

“Ye Xing Yong!”  Ye Yu Xi looked at him.  She looked over the stands and raised a single finger as she coldly shouted, “Ye Xing Yong, how your Ye Manor has treated me, the entire city knows.  The grace you have given me, I, Ye Yu Xi will remember it in my heart!”

Ye Yu Xi had stressed the word “grace”, showing that there was no doubt to the threat in her voice.

The seventh prince looked at the domineering Ye Yu Xi on the stage and his heart was more set on keeping Ye Yu Xi here.  Ye Yu Xi’s talent had already recovered and if she could leave, she would be a great threat to him if she dug out previous matters!  The seventh prince definitely would not let this happen!

“Junior sister Fang, it seems like……”  The seventh prince had a smile as he looked to Fang Leng Qing to the side.

Feng Ling Qing smiled as she said in a careless voice, “That Ye Bing Fan’s cultivation was boosted with pills and Ye Yu Xi has a firm foundation, naturally Ye Bing Fan couldn’t beat her.  It was a waste of a Spirit Tiger Pill.”

After saying this, Feng Leng Qing stood up and walked towards the stage.

“In the family’s test, it’s normal to exchange notes!  But why did young miss Ye break someone’s arm? Today is the Ye Manor’s matter and it isn’t convenient for my Mingyue Sect to make a move.  However, now that young miss Ye has announced she is leaving the Ye Manor, this one wants to exchange a few moves!” Fang Leng Qing spoke as she walked onto the stage.

Ye Yu Xi heard Fang Leng Qing’s words and she looked over.  She thought, this person is shameless! Ye Bing Fan was the one who raised the life and death agreement and me not killing her is already showing grace, this person is actually turning black into white.

Ye Yu Xi gave a cold laugh as she looked at Feng Leng Qing.  She asked in a soft voice, “Who are you?”

Fang Leng Qing stood on the stage and loudly said, “The Mingyue Sect’s third elder’s close door disciple, Fang Leng Qing.  I specially ask to exchange notes with young miss Ye!”


The people present currently felt a bit numb.  In this single hour, there had been too many things that happened.

The third prince heard Fang Leng Qing’s words and his expression changed, “It’s actually the Mingyue Sect’s third elder’s disciple?”


Mo Tian Chou heard the third prince’s words and his heart skipped a beat.  There weren’t many things that could surprise the third highness!

He asked, “Third highness, is Fang Leng Qing’s status very special?”

The third prince nodded, “I won’t mention the Mingyue Sect, but there are two kinds of people in the Mingyue Sect who can’t be offended.  One are the Mingyue Sect’s alchemists and the other are the third elder’s disciples because the third elder is very strong and protective!  Tian Chou, go and prepare. No matter who wins this fight, this will become very messy soon.”

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