Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 186

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Chapter 186: The final test

The seventh prince was happy in his heart, but he revealed a shocked expression and said to Ye Xing Yong, “Family Head Ye, you can’t be reckless.  Today is an important day for the Ye Manor, it isn’t too late to take care of Ye Yu Xi later!”

After a few minutes of calming down, Ye Xing Yong also knew that this was an important matter.  Thinking about how his daughter would have the chance to kill Ye Yu Xi on stage, he temporarily let go of the thought of personally making a move.

While they were speaking, the rite of passage had come to an end.  Accurately speaking, other than Ye Yu Xi, all the Ye Manor juniors that were participating in the rite of passage had already finished their tests.

“If there is anyone who hasn’t taken the test, quickly come onto the stage.  As long as you don’t take the test, you give up your right and automatically fail.  According to the family’s rules, the family head can drive them out of the family!” The old housekeeper said in a loud voice on stage, looking over at Ye Yu Xi.

It was clear that the only one who hadn’t taken the test was Ye Yu Xi, so these words were said for her.

Ye Yu Xi heard the growing sounds of discussion and she finally began to move.  Her steps were light as she went step by step to the stage.

“Yo, look, it’s Ye Yu Xi.  She really came today.”

“Don’t speak.  I’ve heard that her talent has recovered and the Primary Martial Auction hall is related to her.”

“This waste, truly disappointing.  The test ten years ago, she lost all her face.”

“I’ve heard that she wants to duel Ye Bing Fan.  With her bit of cultivation, how can she possibly win!”

Ye Yu Xi walked forward step by step.  The people on both sides were pointing at her, saying all kinds of things.  There were even people directly cursing her, telling Ye Yu Xi to scram.

But Ye Yu Xi ignored them all.  A strong person would not waste their strength explaining to the weak.

“Ye Yu Xi, test your spiritual energy.”  When Ye Yu Xi arrived in front of the Spirit Testing Stone, the old housekeeper said her name according to the rules.

The old housekeeper nodded, tilting his lips, signalling to Ye Yu Xi that she could inject her spiritual energy into the Spirit Testing Stone.

It wasn’t hard to see from the old housekeeper’s appearance.  The old housekeeper felt that Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t have a high cultivation, otherwise, why would she wait until she was last?

Ye Yu Xi placed her hand on the Spirit Testing Stone and slowly injected her spiritual energy.

When the people around the stage saw this, quite a few of them began to laugh.

“Look at this waste’s serious appearance, she’s really treating herself as something.”

“Isn’t it so?  If she reaches the second spiritual level, I’ll eat shit.  Watch, she’ll definitely be expelled from the family by the family head later.”

The sound coming from the audience stand was much smaller, most of them were silently watching Ye Yu Xi on stage.  After all, the people in the audience stand all had high positions, so naturally they couldn’t talk so freely like ordinary people.

Most of them treated it like watching a joke, but there were still people that stood on Ye Yu Xi’s side.  For example, the City Lord’s wife and the Primary Martial Auction Hall.

The City Lord’s wife was sitting on the side, not like the City Lord’s concubine, Madame Ji who was sitting in the center.  The City Lord’s wife was tightly holding her handkerchief in her hand, looking at Ye Yu Xi on the stage with worry. Although she was confident in Ye Yu Xi’s strength, before personally seeing the results, the City Lord’s wife was still strangely worried.

On the other side, Mo Tian Chou and the plainly dressed third prince watched everything that happened on stage as they discussed in a small voice.

“Tian Chou, what level do you think Ye Yu Xi’s strength is at?”  The third prince said in a small voice with a smile. As for the clan rules the old housekeeper said, he didn’t care at all.  He already obtained the news that Ye Yu Xi’s strength was not inferior to Housekeeper Qiu from the Primary Martial Auction Hall.

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