Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 184

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Chapter 184: Ye Bing Fan’s strength

When Ye Xing Yong’s words were said, the audience stands exploded.  Everyone already knew the matter of the seventh prince living in the Ye Manor, which already filled the small families with jealousy.  After all, being able to have good relations with the royal family, it would be smooth sailing for them in the future.

They never thought that the Ye Manor would also have relations with the Mingyue Sect.  The Mingyue Sect, it was an existence even the royal family feared. Having relations with the two top powers in the Ice Mist Country, the Ye Manor would dominate Ningyuan City in the future!

Ye Xing Yong walked off the stage and hearing everyone’s reactions, he was satisfied in his heart.  Today the seventh prince and the Mingyue Sect’s people all came for him and his daughter would show her talent on stage.  Ye Manor’s position in Ningyuan City from now on could be imagined!

The stage’s tests were being slowly overseen by the Ye Manor’s old housekeeper.

There were more than a hundred people participating in the test this year, but more than ten people had already been tested in the blink of an eye.  The test’s contents were very simple, one just had to inject their spiritual energy into the Spirit Testing Stone. The Ye Manor’s juniors came forward one by one and the old housekeeper expressionlessly reported their spiritual energy.

The ten people were almost all in the second spiritual level and one was in the third spiritual level.  This kind of strength couldn’t be more normal amongst cultivators.

The families in the viewing stage were happy to see this joke.  After all, the weaker the Ye Manor’s younger generation was, the faster they would degrade in the future.

It was finally Ye Bing Fan’s turn.  Ye Bing Fan had a smile as she walked to the Spirit Testing Stone, giving the old housekeeper a slight nod.

When the old housekeeper saw Ye Bing Fan, that expressionless face finally revealed a trace of a smile, nodding at Ye Bing Fan.  The latter then moved to the Spirit Testing Stone to inject her spiritual energy.

When Ye Bing Fan stepped onto the stage, she had attracted the attention of most of the spectators.  Ye Bing Fan was named Ningyuan City’s number one genius and she had already reached the fourth spiritual level two years ago.  It was unknown what kind of power would be demonstrated in the spiritual energy test today.

When the spiritual energy was injected, the tall Spirit Testing Stone lit up.

When the old housekeeper saw the rich white colour on the Spirit Testing Stone, there was deep praise in his eyes.  The Ye Manor’s future generation had hope!

The old housekeeper looked over the crowd and reported in a loud voice, “Ye Bing Fan, fifth spiritual level!  Grade, high grade!”


The audience stand and the Ye Manor stands exploded.

“It’s actually the fifth spiritual level!  It’s even the high fifth spiritual level!”

“The Ye Manor has an incredible genius.  It seems like in a few years, Ningyuan City will belong to the Ye Manor.”

“This girl’s talent is this high.  I must see if I can create familial ties with that Ye Xing Yong, my son isn’t that bad.”

Some were envious, some felt fearful, and some wanted to create familial ties.  In short, there were many different mentalities.

“Young miss, I never would have thought that Ye Bing Fan would really reach the fifth spiritual level.”  Qing’er stood beside Ye Yu Xi. Her own young miss was only in the fourth spiritual level, but Qing’er was not worried at all.  She knew her young miss’ strength, as long as she didn’t meet an enemy in the seventh spiritual level, the young miss would not feel threatened.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and her eye revealed a look of praise.  In terms of strength, breaking through the fourth spiritual level to the fifth spiritual level and even reaching the high fifth spiritual level, she was worthy of being called a genius.  However, Ye Bing Fan gave her a very familiar feeling.

“Her cultivation was gained using pills.”  Ye Yu Xi said in a very certain voice to Qing’er beside her.

“Gained using pills?”  Qing’er was stunned. She remembered how the young miss’ strength had soared before and suddenly understand.  She asked, “Young miss is saying…..Ye Bing Fan’s foundation isn’t stable?”

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