Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 182

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Chapter 182: Teaching a lesson to the watchdogs (Part 2)

“Qing’er!  You can’t make a move for any kind of person!  Not to mention they are just two dogs. If a dog barks at you, you can beat it to death, but you can also ignor it.”  Ye Yu Xi calmly said this, but it had a different meaning in the ears of the two guards.

“Waste, what did you say!”

“You think you really are our young miss!”

When the two guards heard Ye Yu Xi calling them dogs, their faces became fierce.  They rolled up their sleeves to teach Ye Yu Xi a lesson.

Pa, pa!

Ye Yu Xi sent out two slaps as fast as lightning, hitting the faces of the two, sending them flying.

When the two bodies flew through the air, white teeth and blood flew out.  Ye Yu Xi’s two slaps did not use any spiritual energy, but just her physical strength was not something these two guards could withstand.  A single slap caused several teeth to fly out from either of them.

“You can ignore a dog when it barks at you, but when a dog wants to bite you, you have to teach it a lesson, otherwise the dog will never know…..who is the master!”  Ye Yu Xi said these words in a domineering voice. Without even looking at the two guards, she led Qing’er to the martial arts stage on the back mountain.

Qing’er followed Ye Yu Xi to the back mountains.  Seeing that no one was paying attention to them, she leaned in towards the young miss and wanted to ask something out of curiosity.

Ye Yu Xi did not wait for Qing’er to speak and she said first, “I know that those people were deliberately sent.  That group want to test my cultivation, so I didn’t have you make a move.”

After saying this, Ye Yu Xi gave mysterious smile as she looked at Qing’er with certain eyes.

It was as she predicted.

When Ye Yu Xi headed to the martial arts stage in the back mountains, Ye Xing Yong and the seventh prince hiding not far away secretly saw everything that happened at the entrance.

There was a strange look that flashed in the seventh prince’s eyes as he said to Ye Xing Yong beside him, “It seems like eldest niece has given us a pleasant surprise.  Two guards in the second spiritual level were sent flying with just a slap. This strength, it has to be at least in the peak third spiritual level.

Ye Xing Yong’s forehead was covered in cold sweat.  Ye Yu Xi’s two slaps had not just landed on the face of the two guards, it was better to say that they were slaps to his face.  Last night he had even promised that even if Ye Yu Xi recovered her talent, she wouldn’t have too high of a cultivation, but his two guards were instantly beaten.

The seventh prince did not continue making fun of Ye Xing Yong as he revealed a faint smile, “The guests are almost here, go and entertain them.  You are the master today.” The seventh prince’s heart was quite happy. It was lucky that Fang Leng Qing promised to help him take care of Ye Yu Xi today.  With the Spirit Tiger Pill and Fang Leng Qing, even if Ye Yu Xi can get off the stage alive, she would be heavily injured. Adding in the surrounding five hundred imperial guards, no matter how strong Ye Yu Xi was, it was impossible to escape!

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er found some shade to rest under.  There was no one around them or perhaps they were too low key and no one noticed them.

The viewing area was prepared not far away, it could contain several hundred people.  It was clear how much importance the Ye Manor attached to the rite of passage.

When the two of them were resting in the shade, a man’s voice sounded out.

“So the two misses were here, it has been hard looking for you.”

Ye Yu Xi turned around and standing behind her was Mo Tian Chou.  She gave a slight nod in greeting.

Mo Tian Chou was still dressed like a young master.  He said in a serious voice, “Young miss Ye, I’ll keep this short.  I’ve obtained some news today that Ye Bing Fan has obtained a second grade pill which can temporarily increase her strength.  When young miss Ye fights her on stage today, you have to be careful!”

Ye Yu Xi nodded and thanked Mo Tian Chou.  Then she watched the guests that kept coming in.

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