Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: Be a bit more polite!

Ye Wen thought about it and replied, “The Jia Manor is considered a second rate power in Ningyuan City.  The current family head is in the fifth spiritual level, but the previous family head is an elder at the Spiritualist Guild, with a strength around the sixth spiritual level.”

“Let’s go, we’re going to the Jia Manor.”

Ye Yu Xi led the fatty and the others to the Jia Manor.

Since they knew the other side only had this bit of strength, naturally they would steal the person back!

Waiting was not Ye Yu Xi’s style.

Of course, Ye Yu Xi also wanted to seize this chance to improve the Blood Enchantress group’s reputation.  Wherever they showed their faces would confuse the enemies, making the seventh prince’s group unable to guess the Blood Enchantress group’s real plans.

Arriving outside the Jia Manor, they saw the doors tightly closed.  Qing’er wanted to move forward to knock on the door, but she was stopped by Ye Yu Xi.

“Qing’er, we’re here to steal someone, not to be a guest!”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the fatty and casually said, “Fatty, go open the door.”

“Alright!”  The fatty shook his shoulder and stretched himself out.  He walked in front of the door and sent a kick out!


Inside the Jia Manor.

The Jia Manor had been cleaned completely, for no other reason than today was the day the old master came back.  The Jia Manor could squeeze into a second rate power mainly because of the old master’s reputation from the Spiritualist Guild and in Ningyuan City.

The Jia Manor’s family head Jia Chang An was sitting in the living room, leaving the main seat for the family’s ancestor who was the Spiritualist Guild’s elder Jia.  The entire family was there waiting.

With a “kacha” sound, a large sound came into the living room.

“Chang An, go and take a look!”  Elder Jia calmly sat in the main seat, as if there was nothing that couldn’t be solved with him here.

“Yes!”  Jia Chan An gave a bow and quickly walked to the front yard.

Ye Yu Xi’s group were all wearing cloaks, even Shi Qing was wearing one under Ye Yu Xi’s request.  However, Shi Qing’s cloak did not have anything on the back, it didn’t have the logo of the Blood Enchantress group.

According to Ye Yu Xi, not everyone was qualified to wear the Blood Enchantress’ cloak!

The fatty kicked the large wooden door down with a single kick and Ye Yu Xi’s group slowly walked into the Jia Manor’s front yard.

In front of Ye Yu Xi’s group, there were several guards carefully forming a wall of people, stopping the people in front of them from moving forward.

Only when Ye Yu Xi’s group took a step forward, the wall of people silently took a collective step backwards.  They always kept a distance of three-five meters between them, not colliding at all.

“Call out your young master Jia Jun Liang.”  The fatty led the charge, shouting at the group of people.

“What kind of people are this bold, daring to cause trouble in my Jia Manor!”  Jia Chang An was blocked off by the wall of people, so he couldn’t see who the ones causing trouble were.  If he saw the costumes of these people, even if he had twice the courage, he wouldn’t dare speak like this.

The fatty saw Jia Chang An and could see that he was in charge from what he was wearing.  The fatty laughed and shot out, using all his strength to charge right at Jia Chang An.

Jia Chang An saw the black cloaks on these people and his heart was shocked.  With the chaos over the past few days, of course he knew what kind of people wore these black cloaks!

There was a sudden flash as Jia Chang An felt his collar tighten.  His body was pulled by his collar and he couldn’t help moving forward.

With a putong sound, the fatty pulled Jia Chang An to the ground.

Without any mercy, he sent out a kick!  Jia Chang An’s arm was broken and then he stepped down on Jia Chang An’s chest, not letting him move at all.

The fatty was already fast, but there was the Purple Source Berry effect on top of that.  With just a single action, when the several dozen guards reacted, their family head was already being pressed down under someone else’s foot.

The fatty twisted his foot and said in a threatening voice, “If you want to talk to our Blood Enchantress group, you need to be a bit more polite!”

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