Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Mo Tian Chou’s decision

“Didn’t you just say you can make a decision?  We thought the Primary Martial family was a large business and couldn’t find interest in our things.”  Qing’er’s voice was not kind at all.

“Ke, ke, young miss is joking.  Previously it was our people that didn’t know how to handle matters, I ask these two young misses to wait in the VIP room for a while.”  Housekeeper Qiu’s face looked awkward as he forced out a smile. There was a bitter smile in his heart. What came this time wasn’t any small kitten or puppy, but rather two old tigers.

Housekeeper Qiu wanted Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er leave the appraisal room before letting out a small sigh of relief.  He turned to give the shaking Zhao Wei Dong a cold look before waving at the guard behind him, “Pick him up, wait for the young master to deal with him.”

Housekeeper Qiu held the white jade bottle as he moved to the second floor.

Today’s matters involved pills and even an alchemist.  With things developing to this degree, it was not something a housekeeper like him could decide.


With how anxious Housekeeper Qiu was, he didn’t even knock as he pushed open the door.

Mo Tian Chou looked up and watched Housekeeper Qiu rush in.  A trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. Housekeeper Qiu had ice attributed spiritual energy, so he was normally very calm, but today he was agitated to this degree.

“Old Qiu, has the matter been solved?”

Housekeeper Qiu gave a bitter smile as his face revealed his helplessness, “I’m afraid this time our Primary Martial Auction Hall has made a mistake.  Young master, look at this.”

After saying this, Housekeeper Qiu handed over the white jade bottle in his hands.

“This is?  Purple Spirit Pill!”

Mo Tian Chou looked at the pill inside the bottle and smelling the medicinal fragrance inside, he was certain it was the Purple Spirit Pill!

Thinking of how Housekeeper Qiu spoke of making a mistake when he entered, Mo Tian Chou’s heart filled with shock, “What just happened downstairs!”

With a few words, Housekeeper Qiu simply explained what happened.

“Go, come down with me!”

When Mo Tian Chou came to the first floor with Housekeeper Qiu, he saw the guards holding Manager Zhao to the side waiting to be dealt with.

“Young master.”  The several guards bowed down to Mo Tian Chou.

Looking over the trembling Manager Zhou, Mo Tian Chou waved his hand at the guards to the side, “Beat this thing without eyes half dead for me.  After beating him, bring him outside the VIP room for me.”


“Yound master, spare me!”  Manager Zhao already thought of how to defend himself, but he never thought the young master would not even ask him what happened before ordering for him to be beaten.  He looked at Housekeeper Qiu with pleading eyes.

“Wait a minute!”

Housekeeper Qiu’s voice stopped the guards and he then whispered into Mo Tian Chou’s ear, “This Manager Zhao is a member of the Zhao Family.  The Zhao Family could be considered a large power in Ningyuan City, if we do this…..”

Mo Tian Chou angrily glared at him, “You want me to offend an alchemist of unknown grade over a small Zhao Family?  In the entire Ice Mist Country, there are less than five people that can refine second grade pills. Which one of them aren’t people that can instantly summon storms!”

Mo Tian Chou waved his hand and the two guards dragged Manager Zhao out.

Inside the VIP room.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er were relaxing as they drank tea.  The table in front of them was filled with beautiful snacks.  Although the snacks were beautiful, these two had ate a large meal, so neither of them tried them.

“Young miss, if you give the pills to them, what if they secretly take it?”  Qing’er could not understand why the young miss was so assured in letting Housekeeper Qiu take the pill bottle away.

Ye Yu Xi took a sip of tea, “These people of this auction hall are all smart.  They wouldn’t risk offending an unknown status alchemist over a single pill!”

“Young miss, do you think that Manager Zhao is someone from the Zhao Family?”

“Shh, someone’s coming.”  Ye Yu Xi stopped chatting with Qing’er and sat straight in place.  There was a faint aura that was released from her.

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