Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: Successfully forming foundations

“Little dumb bird, watch your master.  Call me if anything strange happens, I need to rest up.”  The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginsengs found an isolated place to rest up.

Huo Ling stared at Ye Yu Xi, finally sitting in front of her.  He did not move at all as he watched Ye Yu Xi with a very serious expression on his little face.

The process of sealing the body was long, Ye Yu Xi had sat there for three days.  For an entire three days, Ye Yu Xi sat there without moving.

Ye Yu Xi in the middle of stabilizing her foundation did not know it would take this long, causing the fatty’s group in the forest to become worried.

One day was fine, their group just thought that Ye Yu Xi found a private place to use the Purple Source Berries to increase her physique.

When it came to the second day, they couldn’t stay still.  In a single day, ten Purple Source Berries should have been used!  Everyone discussed this and they would wait until it was dark. If she still wasn’t back when it was dark, they would search for her when it was morning.

The third day……

The spiritual energy fluctuations around Ye Yu Xi finally weakened and the painful expression on her face subsided.

Huo Ling hugged his precious pile of herbs while walking over, eating as he looked at Ye Yu Xi.


Letting out a breath of air, Ye Yu Xi opened her eyes.  She saw Huo Ling looking at her with big watery eyes.

“Master, you’re awake!  Little ginseng, little ginseng!  My master is awake!” Huo Ling quickly stood up and turned around, looking for the figure of the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng.

Ye Yu Xi stretched her neck and asked Huo Ling, “Huo Ling, stop screaming.  How long have I been sitting here?” Ye Yu Yi had been in pain the entire time, she couldn’t tell how long it was.

Huo Ling revealed a thoughtful look and raised his little head, “Wu~~Is it three days or four days, this treasure has forgotten.”

This is bad!

Ye Yu Xi knew this was bad.  She didn’t say she would leave for this long, the fatty, Qing’er, and the others should be worried.

“Huo Ling, stay here for now.  I’ll go out first.” Ye Yu Xi said before leaving the chaotic space.  She didn’t even take time to look over her body conditions.

Once she appeared in the forest, noise instantly filled her ears.

The entire mountain was filled with reverberating squeaking sounds.

Ye Yu Xi walked out of the forest and returned to the place she agreed on to meet the fatty’s group.

Qing’er was sitting on a stone alone with a look of worried on her face.  The young miss had already been gone for three days and although the young miss was strong, this was the deep forest, so Qing’er couldn’t help being worried.

“Qing’er.”  Ye Yu Xi softly called out.

“Ah.”  Qing’er sitting there in a daze was surprised.  She reacted to the fact that it was her young miss and she joyfully said, “Young miss, you’re back!”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  She looked around and saw that the fatty, Ye Wen, and Ye Man weren’t around, so she asked, “Where is the fatty and the others?”

“The fatty had me wait here for the young miss, he said that you would be more worried if you don’t see us if you come back.  They had the whole monkey tribe look for the young miss in the morning. If it wasn’t for young master Bai telling us not to be worried, we would have searched the entire mountain.”  Qing’er saw that the young miss was not injured at all before relaxing.

Hearing what Qing’er said, Ye Yu Xi knew why the forest was filled with screams.

Qing’er suddenly thought of something and took out out a pipe from her chest, “That’s right, the fatty said that if the young miss comes back, I should shoot this firecracker into the sky.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded, thinking that the fatty had thought of everything.

The firecracker exploded in the air with a sharp sound.  It was loud enough to be heard on the nearby mountains.

After a while, the fatty’s group and a large group of Purple Thunder Monkeys returned from all directions.

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