Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Huo Ling who was “fed to death”

Huo Ling looked at the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng with an innocent expression, hoping for a positive answer.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng saw Huo Ling’s innocent eyes and he did not tease Huo Ling this time.  He spoke in a voice filled with helplessness, “Dumb little bird, with your non evolved cultivation, even a single hair of mine would stuff you to death.”

Huo Ling was still mesmerized by the medicinal smell that came from the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng the first time it met it.  It looked at the little boy that was the same size as him with a cute face, “Wu~~I don’t believe you……”

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng was too lazy to explain to Huo Ling and reached out to pull a short hair from his forehead.

The entire chaotic space was filled with a rich medicinal smell when the hair was pulled out and even Ye Yu Xi couldn’t help taking a few deep breaths.  This medicinal smell, there was actually quite a bit of spiritual qi contained within! No wonder it was considered a continental treasure!

“So fragrant~~”  Huo Ling looked intoxicated, like it was drunk from the medicinal smell.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng disdainfully looked at Huo Ling as he urged, “Quickly take it.  Humph, be stuffed to death you dumb little bird.”

Huo Ling carefully took the “hair” from the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng’s hand and after a bit of hesitation, he could not resist the rich medicinal smell in the end.  He opened his mouth and swallowed it in one bite.


When this normal looking “hair” entered Huo Ling’s mouth, it instantly released an astonishing amount of spiritual energy!  It wrapped around Huo Ling’s body and when Huo Ling was wrapped in this spiritual energy, flames were released from all over him.

Huo Ling was wrapped in flames and his two little hands were tightly grabbing at his throat.  His mouth was wide open and it wanted to spit something out, as it he was afraid something would charge out of his body.

Ye Yu Xi looked over at the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng.

“This dumb little bird has the Divine Beast bloodline, he won’t die.  This dragon master has lived for seven thousand years, this name of a continental treasure is not given in vain.  Wanting to eat me, humph, humph, his little bit of cultivation is far lacking. This hair is only a small part of my body and it will be harmless and only beneficial.  At most it will suffer a bit of pain and will remember this lesson for a long time.” Huo Ling’s reactions were clearly within the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng’s expectations.

Ye Yu Xi wanted to say something else, but suddenly her expression change.  Damn! Huo Ling’s strength was linked to her’s and now that Huo Ling was suffering the baptism of the large medicinal power, she would also “receive benefits”!

Ye Yu Xi’s body was filled with spiritual energy and her strength suddenly broke through to the seventh spiritual level!  Moreover, the spiritual energy within her continued to increase.

This is bad!

Ye Yu Xi could feel the situation inside her body.  She was not Huo Ling, she did not have the Divine Beast bloodline.  If the spiritual energy continued to increase like this, she only had one fate which was to explode!

She immediately sat cross legged on the ground and assumed her cultivating position, having her meridians absorb the spiritual energy as quickly as possible.

Hong, hong, hong!

Huo Ling had taken his original form now, becoming a little bird.  The flames around him began to burn more vigorous and Huo Ling was in the center of the flame, trying to fly higher.  The flames around him took the form of a giant bird and if Ye Yu Xi could see it, she could tell that the flame bird around Huo Ling was the legendary phoenix of Chinese mythology!

Only Ye Yu Xi was having trouble saving herself and didn’t have time to pay attention to this.


A long bird’s cry came from the flames.  Although it was the sound of a bird’s cry, there was a vague ancient aura to it, having a trace of the phoenix.

Hong, hong, hong!

The feeling inside Ye Yu Xi was not much better than Huo Ling.  Her power had already soared into the seventh spiritual level and had even reached the eighth spiritual level.  This strength was enough for her to be the strongest person in Ningyuan City! However…..The spiritual energy within Ye Yu Xi continued to increase.

This is bad, if it keeps increasing, the meridians inside her would surely explode.

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