Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: Cliff

After being led by the elder for around ten minutes, they finally came to the top of a cliff.

There was a faint purple mist under the cliff and the mist became thicker at the bottom of the cliff, giving off a slight pungent smell.  A sharp eyed person could tell the fog was poisonous with a single glance and even if a mercenary group came here, they wouldn’t risk their lives to see if there were treasures at the bottom of the cliff.  This purple mist was an absolute protection.

The Purple Thunder Monkey elder called out a few times.  Its voice was loud and echoed out.

After a while, there was an even louder call coming from below the cliff!

The Purple Thunder Monkey elder looked at Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi before it quickly climbed to the bottom of the cliff.

“It seems like we have to go through a few tests before we can get the Purple Source Berry.”  Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi beside him.

There was no hesitation on Ye Yu Xi’s face as she quickly followed the Purple Thunder Monkey elder down the cliff.

Bai Jin Yi shook his head with a bit of helplessness.  This girl was always so decisive, there was never anything that could make her feel any hesitation.

Jumping out, Bai Jin Yi jumped off the cliff.  That’s right, Bai Jin Yi had jumped off, but Bai Jin Yi’s body did not fall down, rather he slowly floated down with the power of his spiritual energy.

Although Ye Yu Xi and the others were fast, it still took them twenty minutes before they reached the bottom of the cliff.

Letting out a soft breath, Ye Yu Xi looked around herself.  She already could no longer see the Purple Thunder Monkey elder.  There was no longer the pungent smell in the purple smoke, rather there was a medicinal smell to it.  It also wasn’t as rich as the top of the cliff, but she could only see several meters in front of her, not being able to see far.

Zhi, zhi!

The strong voice from before rang out.

A large and small form slowly appeared from the purple mist.

Bai Jin Yi walked beside Ye Yu Xi and revealed an evil smile, “It seems like we’ve met another fierce battle.”

Ye Yu Xi rolled her eyes at Bai Jin Yi, completely ignoring him.  She didn’t feel any danger, so how could it be a fierce battle for him?

Zhi, zhi!

The figures from the purple mist finally appeared in front of Ye Yu Xi.  It was a large and small monkey, with the small one being the Purple Thunder Monkey elder.

The other one being compared to the Purple Thunder Monkey elder was surprisingly big.

Bai Jin Yi’s brows jumped up and he softly spat out four words, “Purple Thunder Monkey King.”

The Purple Thunder Monkey elder was considered quite tall and strong among the other monkeys.  After all, strength was supreme among spirit beasts, but this Purple Thunder Monkey King was half a meter taller than the Purple Thunder Monkey elder!

The fur on its body was not the normal purple colour of the Purple Thunder Monkeys, but rather a mix of purple and silver.  The fur on its body was covered in a layer of thunder and it had the potential of a king, a prestige that could not be angered!

Zhi, zhi!

The Purple Thunder Monkey King angrily roared out.  Those thick arms used strength similar to a gorilla’s to slam it’s chest, “If you want to take our Purple Thunder Monkey tribe’s treasure, first pass through me!”

“It isn’t easy for a small Purple Thunder Monkey to grow to your level of strength.”  Bai Jin Yi spoke these strange words, as he wanted to go forward to fight this Purple Thunder Monkey King.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng hiding in Ye Yu Xi’s chaotic space the entire time heard Bai Jin Yi’s words and revealed a disdainful grin, “Che, if it wasn’t for this dragon master being in this mountain range, could they rely on this small Purple Source Berry to evolve?”

Ye Yu Xi raised a hand to stop Bai Jin Yi who wanted to go forward.  Her voice was cold, but there was a trace of concern in it, “You’re still injured.”

Bai Jin Yi shook his head and revealed a smile.  He didn’t retort to Ye Yu Xi and took a step back to his original place.

Ye Yu Xi slowly came forward with bare hands, she didn’t take out her Soul Devourer Blade.  She looked at the Purple Thunder Monkey King, “If I beat you, can I take as much Purple Source Berries as I want?”

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