Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: He isn’t your husband?

Of course, the fatty was crying for a reason.  The fatty had been long awakened by the little monkey and when the fatty opened his eyes, he saw the little fox excitedly gesturing something to him.  When the fatty looked in the direction the little monkey was pointing in, he almost fell out of the tree!

Under the tree fatty was sleeping in, there were several hundred rabbits!  This quantity was only more and no less than yesterday. It seems like the monkeys were addicted to eating roasted rabbits…..

When Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi came to the monkeys’ gathering place, Ye Yu Xi was greeted by quite a few monkeys.  These monkeys were already treating Ye Yu Xi as one of them.

“Boss, save me…..Boss……”  The fatty was hugging the tree trunk, looking at Ye Yu Xi from a distance and begging her.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the fatty in the tree and looked at the pile of rabbit meat under the tree, understanding why the fatty was acting like this.  She used her eyes to tell the fatty that she would solve this problem and the fatty finally stopped “calling for help”.

“Huo Ling, come out.”  Ye Yu Xi said in her mind.

Huo Ling’s figure did not appear and weakly said to Ye Yu Xi, “Master, quickly come and help me.  This treasure is about to die~~”

Ye Yu Xi was stunned.  Huo Ling’s voice didn’t sound right, it sounded so weak that Huo Ling seemed like he was about to collapse.

After telling the fatty to wait a bit, Ye Yu Xi found a place without anyone.  With a flash of light, she disappeared.

She appeared on the stage inside the chaotic space.

Huo Ling was in his small bird form and was sprawled over the ground, not moving at all.  He was panting without stop and his feathers were in a mess.

Ye Yu Xi was stunned.  Her nose unconsciously took a sniff, “Such a rich medicinal smell!  It also seems to be rich in spiritual energy!”

“Master, help me catch him, he won’t let me take a bite, wu, wu~~”  Huo Ling saw the help that finally came and moved his wings in a very human like manner to point behind Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi suddenly turned around and was greeted with a little boy wearing a green apron.  He was currently laughing while looking at her and Huo Ling.

“Who are you!”

“The little miss has recovered quite quickly.”

The two of them spoke at the same time.

Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes.  The child in front of her was releasing a medicinal smell and did not give Ye Yu Xi any bad feelings, so Ye Yu Xi was not in a rush to make a move.

“You can’t even recognize this dragon master.  Your sick husband is more knowledgeable than you, but it isn’t strange since your little bit of cultivation can’t even come close to his.”  The little boy shook his head with a mature expression.

Ye Yu Xi knit her brows and her face became a bit colder, “Who did you say is my husband!”

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng laughed as he looked at Ye Yu Xi, “The person who fought the little snake back on the mountain.  He’s young and has a strong cultivation, is he not your husband? If he’s not your husband, why did you risk your life to save him?”

When Ye Yu Xi heard the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng’s words, her teeth began to creak.  She would make Bai Jin Yi clearly explain what this meant once she went out!

“Why are you inside my chaotic space!”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the child in front of her and could vaguely feel that this child was not simple.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng played with a herb while boasting, “This dragon master has lived for several thousand years, what place can I not go?  Unless I don’t want to go, there is no place this dragon master cannot go in this world! Thinking of the past dragon master…..Ai! Don’t go!”

Ye Yu Xi ignored the crazy Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng as she grabbed Huo Ling who had just recovered and left he chaotic space.  There were more important things to do outside, Ye Yu Xi did not have time to listen to this child brag about himself.

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