ENL Chapter 111

Happy very belated lunar new year to those who celebrated it. Sorry for the delay.

Chapter 111 – Are You Jealous? (1)

I’m completely exhausted right now. I went out to celebrate the lunar new year and I’m guessing that I must have eaten something wrong because I started experiencing some mild symptoms of hemolytic anemia a few days later. Although I say “mild”, that’s only relative compared to how I might have needed a blood transfusion and a stay at the hospital.

The first week was still okay, light fever, dry coughs, and some sharp headaches. Along with the fact that I felt like I weighted 20 pounds extra, that extremely hot stuffy feeling, and the fatigue, it could still be counted as alright. My misery mostly started from the second week.

Once some of the symptoms lightened, I started feeling a more serious, overdraft-type of fatigue. Sort of like that feeling you get after an intense physical workout, but my feeling went down to the bone, literally. My bones felt so brittle, that it seemed as if they would snap at any intense amount of pressure. While I know they wouldn’t have, but that feeling isn’t exactly pleasant.  My muscles felt as if they had been pulled, kneaded, and torn apart, and my back felt as if it had taken a hammer to it. All of these sensations pretty much stayed with me 24/7 that week, which made sleeping almost a nightmare, since I would feel worse every time I woke up.

Third week was much better, although that’s also relative. Most of my symptoms had alleviated by them, but my mood got more violent. The type where any source of stimulation made me want to break something or have some rather negative thoughts towards myself. While I refrained from doing anything, that feeling of paranoia where I have to question myself on every decision I make just to ensure that I won’t do anything too extreme based on my mood swings was still pretty irritating.

As for right now, I’m experiencing some of the early symptoms of gout. Fortunately it’s not first time I had it so it isn’t as bad. Still feeling that fatigue, but thankfully it isn’t as extreme this time. It’s more of an enhanced normal-type of fatigue where I needed a nap after just eating brunch. While I’m not sure how things will progress, it probably shouldn’t affect me too much, so I’ll try to get some chapters out while I can.

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3 Responses to ENL Chapter 111

  1. Greywing says:

    I’m glad your feeling better and hope get to a full recovery. I do love this series and glad it wasn’t dropped. But don’t let translating get in the way of recovery.

  2. Khamira says:

    Oh my, I really hope that you will be fully well soon!! I wish you all the best.

  3. Ye Qiu says:

    Take more rest, we can wait. I hope you get well soon and thank you for the chapter

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