Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 959

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Chapter 959: Life saving medicine

Mo Chuan instantly had a great mood.

“Where’s Shao Bai?”  He looked around and saw Chu Shao Bai lying by the door, shocking him, “What is wrong with him?”

“He is too tired, he said he wants to rest.  He must have been too tired rushing over here.  Emperor, should we test for poison in this ginseng soup before feeding it to the empress?”

Ye Ting Xuan softly asked.

According to the palace’s regulations, everything fed to the emperor and empress needed to be tested for poison with silver needles.  Although he believed something brought by Chu Shao Bai wouldn’t have poisoned, he still needed to ask.

“No need, this one believes in Shao Bai.”

Mo Chuan shook his head without even thinking.  He looked at Chu Shao Bai lying at the door and without knowing why, he suddenly felt something was wrong.

With Chu Shao Bai’s martial art skills, how could he be so tired that he couldn’t move?

He put down the bowl of medicine and stood up to walk to Chu Shao Bai’s side, looking down at him.

Chu Shao Bai’s eyes were closed and silently lying on the ground, looking like he was sleeping.

He was wearing a dark purple robe and his face was snow white, white without any blood.

This robe was clearly Chu Shao Yang’s!

Mo Chuan raised a brow.

“Shao Bai.”  He softly said.

Chu Shao Bai didn’t respond at all, he just silently laid there.  His face was white and his dark eyes were tightly closed, with his brows covering them.  He wasn’t moving at all.

Mo Chuan once again felt something was wrong.

With Chu Shao Bai’s inner strength, it was impossible for him not to hear him.  Even if he was asleep, he would immediately wake up from his dreams.

“Shao Bai!”  He loudly shouted.

Chu Shao Bai still didn’t move at all.

Mo Chuan quickly placed his hand on his chest and found that his heart was still beating, but his hand had become wet.  He smelled the smell of blood.

He pulled open the clothes at Chu Shao Bai’s chest and saw the deep wound on his chest that was currently leaking blood.  He couldn’t help taking a surprised gasp.

“Shao Bai!”  Ye Ting Xuan saw this and immediately shouted out in a panic, “I, I’ll immediately find doctor Zhang, I’ll go immediately.”

He lost his usual calm and stumbled outside.

Mo Chuan was much calmer than Ye Ting Xuan.

He was experienced with sword wounds and he saw that Chu Shao Bai’s wound had already been wrapped up with medicine applied.  If he had been lying still, his wound wouldn’t have bled. He must have refused to take care of his wound after being injured and rushed into the palace to send the life saving medicine to her.

Not long ago, Chu Shao Bai was still fine, so how could he suddenly have obtained this deep sword wound?  Where did he obtain the snow ginseng soup?

Mo Chuan thought about it and understood most of it.  His eyes couldn’t help becoming warm.

“Shao Bai, you really are foolish.  To save Ning’er, you don’t even want your own life?”

His heart filled with warmth and he forcefully clenched his fists.  He said with hate, “Chu Shao Yang, you can even be this ruthless to you blood related brother.  You….really are ruthless!”

Now he didn’t have time to curse Chu Shao Yang, he had to save Chu Shao Bai’s life!

He knew that Chu Shao Bai wasn’t sleeping and had fainted.  If he didn’t save him in time, it was very likely he wouldn’t wake up again.

But there was only one bowl of life saving snow ginseng soup.  Saving Shao Bai meant he couldn’t save Ning’er.

Who should he choose?

Should he save Shao Bai or Ning’er?

Mo Chuan’s brows tightly knit and his heart was filled with an intense pain.

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