Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 955

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Chapter 955: Brothers

Chu Shao Bai seemed impatient as he raised a hand and held Chu Shao Bai’s nose.  He forced his mouth open and poured the soup into his mouth.

At this time, he suddenly felt an acupuncture point being poked on his chest and he couldn’t move at all.

His eyes opened wide as he looked at Chu Shao Bai beside him.

“Sorry, third brother.  This little brother has tricked you, but this little brother can’t let Ning’er die like this.”

Chu Shao Bai’s index finger was on Chu Shao Yang’s chest and he slowly pulled his hand back.  That poke just now had used all the internal energy inside his body. Although these were desperate measures, the injuries he had suffered were not fake.

He swayed as he stood up from the bed, feeling weak all over his body.  Because of the blood lose, his vision began to turn black as if he could faint at any moment.  He felt completely exhausted and wanted to close his eyes to take a good sleep, one where he cared about nothing.

But he knew that if he closed his eyes, he would not wake again.

Chu Shao Bai raised his hand and forcefully pressed down on his chest wound.  A sharp pain made his body twist, but because of the pain, it drove away his exhaustion.

He took a deep breath and took the bowl of soup from Chu Shao Yang’s hand, being careful not to spill a single drop.

That soup was the medicine for saving her life, he need quickly enter the palace to feed it to her.

Chu Shao Bai looked up and looked into Chu Shao Yang’s eyes.  Those cold and sharp eyes without any emotions was like a completely different person from the worried look he had previously.

His heart filled with a deep pain.

“Third brother, little brother has wronged you.  When little brother saves Ning’er, little brother will ask for your forgiveness.  If you want to beat and scold this little brother at that time, little brother will not resist at all.  Third brother, don’t blame me. You can bear not saving Ning’er, but I can’t do the same…..”

Chu Shao Bai closed his eyes.

He knew that doing this drew a deep gap between these brothers.  His third brother…..might never forgive him in this life, but he couldn’t let this happen.  He definitely couldn’t watch her die!

He took off the blood stained white robe.  Tearing off a piece, he tied up the wound on his chest and made a knot.

Then he found one of Chu Shao Yang’s robe and wore it, covering the wound on his chest.

Other than his pale face, there was nothing strange with him at all.

He carefully held the bowl of soup and without turning back, he walked out.


Inside the Guan Yu Palace, Ye Ting Xuan held the golden token left by Mo Chuan and stood at the gate.  Looking into the deep night, his heart felt as dark as the night.

He couldn’t think of who the perpetrator was or the motive for killing, he couldn’t even find a single clue.

Inside the palace, Doctor Zhang sat beside Chen Ning’s bed and couldn’t help sighing.

He already used all the methods he could think of to try and force the poison out of her body, but they were all useless.

This was because this snake poison was different from other poisons, it quickly paralyzed the person’s nerve center as soon as it entered the bloodstream.  If it wasn’t for Chen Ning drinking the snow ginseng soup before, she would have already been killed by the poison.

Although he was skilled in medicine, it was hard to save someone who was already dead.

Now he could only hope that Xiao Si and Zhui Feng could find the thousand year old herb, this legendary thing that could bring people back to life, but he knew that there  wasn’t too much hope.

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  1. Summerswis says:

    Shao Bai, you are a hero!This action of yours really shows your true love to Chen Ning and not like your selfish egoistic brother Shao Yang who does not know the meaning of true love.

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