Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 945

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Chapter 945: Most worried thing

“Third brother, don’t!”

Chu Shao Bai saw the jade seal in the Chu Shao Yang’s hand and the red print on it that was about to touch the decree.

He quickly came forward to stop it.

“Move!  This matter is not related to you.  Shao Bai, you have personally seen and heard it, I didn’t force him, it was he who is willing to give the throne to me.  This thing brought to my door, how could I not want it?”

Chu Shao Yang waved his hand and a sharp palm flew at Chu Shao Bai, forcing him back several steps.

The jade seal in his left hand came down and heavily pressed on the decree.  He then raised it and broke out in proud laughter.

“I want to be the emperor!  Ha, ha, I am finally the emperor!  The throne that had been stolen ten years ago is finally back in my hands, ha, ha!”

He had waited for ten years, ten whole years and finally this day was here.  His heart was filled with joy and anger, excitement and pride. He looked up and broke out in laughter, being filled with satisfaction.

“Third brother…..”

Chu Shao Bai looked at the wildly laughing Chu Shao Yang and there was an indescribable feeling in his heart.

It was sympathy, pity, and sadness.

This was because he knew that even if his third brother became the emperor, he would not be as good as Mo Chuan because his heart was more narrow, selfish, and more tyrannical than Mo Chuan’s.  He didn’t care about the people and if West Chu fell into his third brother’s hands, it was definitely not a good thing.

He turned to look at Mo Chuan.  He couldn’t understand why the emperor suddenly made this shocking decision, wasn’t today his happy wedding day?  He married the best girl in the world, he should be having the time of his life. Shouldn’t he be filled with joy and excitement?

Why couldn’t he see this on the emperor’s face at all?

Chu Shao Bai instead saw a kind of fear in Mo Chuan’s expressionless face and his clothes were slightly trembling.  He was fearful, afraid, and there was a deep anger and sadness in the bottom of his eyes. He actually used the throne to exchange for the thousand year old snow ginseng……

Was the snow ginseng more important than the throne in the emperor’s heart?


Chu Shao Bai knew that there was only one person who was more important that the throne in the emperor’s heart!

“Emperor, tell me, did something happen to Ning’er?  Tell me, what happened to Ning’er?”

Chu Shao Bai suddenly grabbed Mo Chuan’s sleeve.  He didn’t care about their relationship as ruler and subject, he looked into Mo Chuan’s eyes, looking with a gaze filled with anxiety.

There was a giant fear that filled his heart that made his entire body turn cold.

Mo Chuan didn’t look at him, his eyes never left Chu Shao Yang.

“The decree is already yours, where is the thousand year old snow ginseng?”  He reached his hand out towards Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang slowly stopped laughing, he already recovered from his ecstacy.  This was because Chu Shao Bai’s words reminded him, why would the emperor use the throne to exchange for a snow ginseng that was worthless in his eyes?  What did this mean?

The thousand year old snow ginseng was used to save people’s lives, this meant that he wanted to use the snow ginseng to save someone who was more important than the throne in the emperor’s heart!

That person without a doubt was his Ning’er!

“What do you want the snow ginseng for!  If you don’t tell me, don’t think I’ll give the snow ginseng to you!  Even if you exchange the throne for it, don’t think about it!”

Chu Shao Yang’s heart became tense, but his heart was ice cold and expressionless.

Mo Chuan couldn’t help closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, causing his chest to rise.  The thing he was most worried about finally happened.

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