Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 924

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Chapter 924: Chu Shao Bai’s gift

Mo Chuan smiled as he tapped her nose and covered her eyes, “You have to be willing to lose to gamble.”

“I’ll guess next.”  Chen Ning casually picked up a box and seeing the name on it, she gave an “ah” sound.  The smile on her face disappeared and she held the box a long time without saying a word.

Looking at her expression, Mo Chuan could guess what it was.  He looked at the box and thought that it really was a gift from Shao Bai.  Only, what did he give?

“If you can’t guess it, do you accept the punishment?”

“I can’t guess it, I accept the punishment.”

Chen Ning drank a cup of wine and gave a soft sigh.

She could guess other people’s thoughts, but she couldn’t guess Chu Shao Bai’s thoughts.  The final time she saw Chu Shao Bai flashed in her eyes, he was holding Chu Shao Yang who had fallen off the carriage.  Looking up, he looked right at her without turning.

Although she hadn’t been looking at him at that time, she could never forget his eyes in that moment.

Shao Bai, I lied to you.  If you knew the truth, would you treat me the same way as before?

Do you know that the bride Mo Chuan married today is me?

Inside this box, what kind of gift did you give?

Mo Chuan took the gift box from her hand and slowly opened it.  When the box was opened, there was a dazzling light and both of them were stunned.

They just saw a beautifully crafted mirror inside the box.  The dazzling light just now was the reflected candle light in the mirror.

“Shao Bai really does have heart, he could find this kind of hard to obtain treasure.  This is a mirror completely carved out of glass, it is a rare item. The reason it is hard to obtain is that it has such a clear reflection, even the best bronze mirrors in our palace can’t compare to it.”

Mo Chuan took out the mirror and kept praising it.  He put the mirror in front of Chen Ning and said with a smile, “Look at this gift, isn’t it what you love the most?”

She didn’t smile and just looked at the mirror in a daze.  She reached out to take it and her slender fingers touched the mirror as she gave a silent nod.

She recognized this mirror, it was the prize she received from guessing the riddle lantern right.  This mirror was comparable to modern crafted mirrors, so she couldn’t set it down.

But she was taken away by Na Mu Cuo and this mirror was lost.  She never thought that Chu Shao Bai had taken it and given it back to her again.

She held the mirror and her heart was filled with mix emotion that she couldn’t describe.

Could it be that Chu Shao Bai had already guessed that the bride was her?  So he used this kind of roundabout method to give her back this mirror?

Chen Ning shook her head, she really couldn’t guess it.

“Ning’er, you don’t like this present?”  Mo Chuan looked at her and didn’t ignore any expression on her face.  He could see that she was a bit hurt and a bit depressed. There must be a story with this mirror, a story between her and Chu Shao Bai.

But he didn’t want to keep asking because he believed in her and he believed in her feelings for him!

“I do, very much.”  Chen Ning looked up at him and faint tears flashed at the bottom of her eyes.  She was moved by Chu Shao Bai’s thoughts, but she couldn’t repay it in this life.

She softly placed the mirror on the side and took another gift.

“I didn’t guess just now, so it’s still my guess.  If I guess wrong again, I’ll drink double.” She said with a smile.

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