Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 856

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Chapter 856: Send them all out

The common girl was filled with anger and turned to leave, but she was pulled back by the noble girl.  Pulling back and forth, not only did they start arguing, they almost started fighting.

The two of them arguing became louder and louder, alarming the girls in the garden.  They came one by one to take a look.

The young girls all had the appearance of watching a good play.  They surrounded them watching the excitement, but not a single one came forward to stop it.

In their eyes, these two girls were both their rivals.  It would be best if they fought fiercely causing both side to lose, allowing them to be the final victor.

Seeing this scene, Empress Dowager Zhou’s face sunk even deeper.

“Su Jin, send those girls down there out for this widow, leave not a single one!  These girls without talent and virtue, how could they be worthy of entering the palace!”  She angrily ordered.

“Empress Dowager, your meaning is to even send those girls who aren’t saying anything out?”  Su Jin secretly bit her tongue. It seemed like the Empress Dowager was truly angered by this.

But who could blame her.  These girls have truly let down the Empress Dowager’s expectations.

Even she couldn’t stand a single one them, not to mention entering the emperor’s eyes.

Mo Chuan sat beside Empress Dowager Zhou.  Hearing Empress Dowager Zhou’s words, he revealed a faint smile, but he didn’t speak.

Su Jin knew that the emperor did not have any good feelings about these girls, so she did not hesitate to take care of Empress Dowager Zhou’s orders.

There were several dozen girls watching this scene and they were watching quite happily.  Suddenly there was a large group of eunuchs who came into the garden with fly whisks, driving them out of the garden like they were a group of flies.

“We were invited to this garden party by the Empress Dowager, how can a group of dog servants like you drive us out?”

“You are truly daring, daring to drive me out?  Do you know who my father is?”

“Bastards, you servants dare touch me with your filthy hands!  I am the future empress!”

The young girls were filled with anger, putting on airs and angrily cursing.

The eunuchs all had cold eyes and faces, revealing superficial smiles.

“Misses, we are following the Empress Dowager’s orders.  The Empress Dowager said that there are too many flies in the garden and keeping them here will disturb the emperor, so they had these servants chase them all out, not leaving a single one behind!  Don’t feel aggrieved, blame your mouths for being too broken and your hearts for being too sly!”

After saying this, the two girls arguing and the group of girls watching were all sent out of the royal gardens.  They were placed in palanquins and sent out of the palace.

These young girls all dreamed of being the empress and they had spent quite a bit of effort on this trip into the royal gardens.  Who would have thought that when they entered the palace, before they even saw the emperor and only stayed in the royal gardens for a bit, they would be mercilessly chased out of the palace.

They began crying since they were sent into the palanquins and kept crying even when they left the palace.

When these girls came out of the palanquins, their relatives waiting outside were all stunned.

This was because they all looked the same, each one with red eyes and stuffy noses.  It was almost hard to tell which girl was their family’s young miss.

There were quite a few girls invited into the palace this time.  Although several dozen were chased out at once, there were still more girls remaining in the royal gardens.

When they heard this news, they couldn’t help feeling secretly happy, while also secretly feeling glad.

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