Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 814

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Chapter 814: The sun has risen

It wasn’t like an illusion, it seemed to be real.

Chen Ning slowly came back to her senses and saw Mo Chuan immediately.

He was standing not far behind her, standing there with a tall and long figure.  He had black eyebrows and clear eyes, with a trace of a mist around him. Then she saw him open his arms to her.

She threw herself into her embrace.  She had jumped with so much force that her chest hurt from the impact.  She seemed to have heard a “si” sound, it seemed like it also hurt for him.

But he immediately tightly held her into his embrace, like she would disappear if he let go for even a second.

“Mo Chuan, where did you go!  I thought you weren’t here, I thought something had happened to you.  You….You scared me to death.” Her muffled voice drifted out of his embrace.

Mo Chuan had been filled with excitement, but hearing her words, he wanted to laugh and he felt moved.

He stroked her hair, “I have been waiting here the entire time, I didn’t move half a step from here.  I promised you that I wouldn’t leave if we didn’t meet again, so how could I not be here?”

“Then why didn’t you see me?”  She raised her confused face from his embrace.

Mo Chuan tapped her nose before pointing up.  He said with a smile, “I was on the roof watching the stars.  I told myself, when the stars in the sky disappeared, you would appear.  Then, you did appear.”

She bit her lips, wanting to smile.

“Nonsense, I don’t believe that you didn’t see me.  Even if you didn’t see me, you must have heard the sounds of the horse hooves!”

“I heard it, but I didn’t dare believe it was you, I thought I was dreaming.  Ning’er, I really didn’t dare believe it. If you went without coming back, I thought…..thought…..”

“You thought I really left with Na Mu Cuo, right?  You thought I would really marry him as his princess, right?  Mo Chuan, why don’t you believe me!”

Chen Ning cut him off and her face became serious.

She had clearly told him everything clearly.  She was completely sure on what she should do, but he still doubted her, so how could she not be angry.

“Of course I believed you, but I didn’t believe Na Mu Cuo.  I didn’t believe that he would easily let you go. Ning’er, how did you make him willing to let you leave?”

He looked down at her and watched her eyes sparkle like stars, making his heart tremble.

This was reality and not a dream or a reality, she was truly in his embrace.  He could feel the warmth and gentleness of her body, calming the restless heart he had all night.

Actually he didn’t need to ask anything at all and he didn’t want to know anything.  He just wanted to hug her, owning everything.

As for the reason, it wasn’t important, not important at all.

Chen Ning didn’t reply to his question as her head pressed against his chest again.  Her ears were against his chest, listening to the deep beating of his heart. Each beat of his heart was the most moving sound in the world.

It moved her heart more than Na Mu Cuo’s deep and affectionate love songs.

The two of them silently hugged under the morning sun, neither of them saying a word.  Their minds were connected in this moment and this silence was still a way of communicating for them.

After an unknown amount of time passed, Mo Chuan finally slowly let go.  He raised her chin and took a deep look at her face, looking all over her face.

She smiled as she said with happy eyes, “The sun has risen.”

That’s right, it was daybreak.

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