Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 765

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Chapter 765: Best of both worlds

Chen Ning shook her head.  Although her voice and expression were calm, she had already seen right through Chu Shao Yang.

His so called “love” was nothing more than a beautiful way to describe his possessive feelings.

All the people listening were all stunned.  The several thousand royal guards, the ministers on the West Chu stands, even including Empress Dowager Zhou, Mo Chuan, and Chu Shao Bai…..They were all looking at her and listening to her, not missing a single word.

No one doubted her because she looked very open and very calm.  Although she was talking about her own experience, she was calm like she was telling someone else’s story.  

Chu Shao Yang was completely defeated by her words.  He was completely silent as his heart fell into chaos.

“Pa!  Pa! Pa!”

In the silence, clear applause suddenly sounded out.

“Good, good words!  Ah Ning, I, Na Mu Cuo truly did not see the wrong person, you have truly captured my heart!  Be assured, as long as you marry me, I will follow you on everything and allow you to make the decisions.  I will not chain you to the bed with iron chains and I will give you the vast skies. I will allow you to be an eagle spreading her wings, flying away with me!  I will give you status, honour, wealth, and power that all women in the world want the most. As long as you want it, I will give it to you! I will give you everything I have and if I don’t have it, I will steal it for you!  I don’t want anything, I just want you!”

Na Mu Cuo was clapping while looking at Chen Ning with bright eyes.  He was releasing a wild smile. His confession was very clean, with not a single trace of hesitation.

It was just like his chest, wide open.  No one doubted the sincerity of his words.

Compared to Chu Shao Yang, Na Mu Cuo’s figure suddenly became much bigger.

The Eldest Princess was not willing to look at Na Mu Cuo at first, but hearing him talk, she was a bit moved.  She finally raised her eyes and looked over him.

But she was still not willing.  She wanted to grab Chen Ning’s hand and urge her to rethink it, but Na Mu Cuo was like a large mountain between her and Chen Ning, one that she could not pass.

“Ning’er, I know this little beast has treated you like this and has deeply hurt you.  He…..He is not human! No matter what decision you make, this princess will support you!  However…..However, you really have to think through it clearly. If you really choose to go with the East Qin Crown Prince, you will not be able to return.  Are you willing to leave your homeland? Willing to leave your kingdom? Willing to leave the people who love you?”

The Eldest Princess was very subtle.  She wanted to ask, are you willing to leave Mo Chuan?  But in front of all these people, she could not say it, but she believed Chen Ning understood her meaning.

“Many thanks for the Eldest Princess’ goodwill, but I have already thought through it clearly.  Na Mu Cuo can give me everything I want, he honours and respects me. Marrying him will mean that I will have everything.  I am only a woman, how could I not be satisfied? Not to mention that after I marry him, West Chu and East Qin can build better relations and both country’s citizens can live happily.  This is the best of both worlds, doesn’t the Eldest Princess think so?”

“I…..I…..”  The Eldest Princess bit her lips, she did not agree!  She was one hundred percent against this in her heart!

She could see that Chen Ning’s heart clearly loved her royal brother and not that East Qin Crown Prince!

Could it be Ning’er was saying that for the two countries’ peace and for the safety of the citizens, she wanted to throw away her and her royal brother’s happy life and get married?  Go marry that dog shit crown prince and become his princess?

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