Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 743

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Chapter 743: Making unfounded claims

“Emperor!”  Chu Shao Yang suddenly stood up with a livid face, “Did the emperor not heard what this minister said about this minister’s princess being taken away by someone last night?”

“Oh?  Did something like this really happen?  Shao Yang, this is a very important matter, you can’t joke about this.  The lifeline of our West Chu Country is depending on the princess and you said the princess was taken away, but do you have proof?  When was she taken away? Where was she taken from? How was she taken away? Was she kidnapped by someone? Are all the guards in your palace useless that they would watch as the princess was being kidnapped?  Also, Chu Shao Yang, with your strong martial arts, when your princess was sick, you should have been by her side. So did someone take the princess away from underneath your eyes? This doesn’t seem very likely, right?”

Mo Chuan asked the same question as Chu Shao Bai, but he was more direct.  Chu Shao Yang had no power to answer the questions at all.

“I, I, I……”  He stuttered as he was unable to answer.  He was filled with strength earlier, but suddenly he felt that he could make no arguments at all.

Mo Chuan’s questions, he could not reply to a single one because he didn’t dare reply!

In front of all the ministers, he couldn’t say that he had trapped his princess in a stone room, he couldn’t say that he had locked up her limbs, he couldn’t say he drugged her, he couldn’t say that he wanted to trap her for her entire life…..

The more he couldn’t reply, the more everyone felt that he was guilty!

Mo Chuan gave a cold laugh, “King Ding Yuan, this one thinks that you don’t want the princess to appear again, so you’re trying to think of an excuse, right?  In the royal banquet last night, you refused to answer and today you came out with this ridiculous reason. You immediately say that your princess was taken and you blame Shao Bai for stealing your princess, this is simply a joke!  Ask the ministers here, which person actually believes you!”

The ministers all nodded.  They did not believe a single word from Chu Shao Yang!

They had all clearly seen it in the banquet last night.  When the East Qin Crown Prince said that he wanted to compete with the princess again, King Ding Yuan clearly had the word “unwilling” written on his face and he had even said his princess was seriously ill.

Humph, no matter how serious it is, can she still not recover after ingesting the snow ginseng?

But after a single night, King Ding Yuan ran into the palace to say that the princess was kidnapped……This truly was the biggest joke in the world!

What made everyone feel was impossible was that King Ding Yuan had said that King Jing An had done it.  What kind of person was King Jing An? The ministers were all clear on this.

Whether it was character, talents, grace, or heart…..which one wasn’t higher than King Ding Yuan?  He was a man that was a model of education, how could he kidnap his own third sister in law?

This was clearly a lie that King Ding Yuan had made up!

Ai, he was the previous emperor’s son, but he was too ignorant to big matters.  This really made everyone disappointed.

“I, I, I…..”  Chu Shao Yang never thought he would be accused by Mo Chuan like this, making him feel angry and nervous.  His handsome face turned red as he roared, “I didn’t! This king is speaking the truth! She really was kidnapped by someone, a person wearing this set of clothes!  This snow white satin only belongs to a single person in the capital, there is only Chu Shao Bai! Why do you not dare admit to your actions!”

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