Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 729

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Chapter 729: Losing all his old face

Later, it seemed like she saw Mo Chuan.  Mo Chuan used his strong arms to tightly hold her, flying with her over the roofs, bringing her to a place where she could see the stars.  When she opened her eyes, she saw the stars in the sky and his eyes that shined brighter than the stars……

Chen Ning closed her eyes and she didn’t remember anything after that.  She didn’t know where she was now and she didn’t know where Mo Chuan was.

She sat up on the bed and the blanket over her slid down.  She felt a bit cold and she looked down, unable to not take in a cold breath.

She only had a set of inner clothes on, revealing her snow white arms and legs.  She immediately understood and cursed through gritted teeth, “Chu Shao Yang!”

But when she moved, she didn’t feel any different.

Could it be Chu Shao Yang did not succeed?  Was she saved at the final moment by someone?

At this time, she heard a voice speak outside the door.  It was doctor Zhang’s old voice.

“Let the emperor rest, he has used too much internal energy…..”


Chen Ning was surprised and happy.  Mo Chuan was really here? It was Mo Chuan who saved her?

She did not even have time to put on clothes as she quickly got off the bed.  She wrapped the blankets around herself as she walked to the door and leaned against the door frame as she shouted to Zhui Feng outside.

“Where is this?  How did I get here?  Did Mo Chuan save me?  Where is he? Where is he?”  She asked in one breath.

Zhui Feng was stunned and couldn’t remember the questions.  He blurted out, “Princess Consort, it’s good that you’re awake.  You were drugged and it was the emperor who saved you. He used a lot of energy to save you and doctor Zhang gave the emperor a bowl of medicine that caused him to bleed from his seven orifices and faint.  However, it was good that doctor Zhang saved him in the end. Doctor Zhang said that the emperor truly cares for you, being willing to use his internal energy to cure you and not taking advantage of you…..”

His thoughts were very simple, saying whatever he thought.  He did not see doctor Zhang looking at him from the side, giving fake coughs.  He then pulled his sleeve, but Zhui Feng impatiently said, “Doctor Zhang, why are you pulling my sleeve?  Did I say anything wrong?”

“……”  Doctor Zhang’s expression looked very embarrassed.  He glared at Zhui Feng, wishing that he could use a muting medicine on him to make him mute.

His old face was completely lost by him.

Although Zhui Feng spoke in a fragmented manner, Chen Ning was very smart and she could connect them together, quickly understanding what had happened.

Her heart was completely moved.  Her face was still calm, but her teeth were tightly biting her lower lip.  Her deep and dark eyes were sparkling with a light that neither of them could understand.

“Doctor Zhang, is this your manor?  I want to borrow some clothes from doctor Zhang, I wonder if doctor Zhang is willing?”  She looked at doctor Zhang.

“Clothes?”  Doctor Zhang shook his ears and said in an awkward voice, “But there are no clothes for a young female in this old man’s manor.”

“Anything is fine, even your clothes are fine.”  She said in an uncaring voice.

Doctor Zhang scratched his head.  He could only go into the room and take out a set of clothes for Chen Ning.

“This is this old man’s deceased wife’s robes, I hope the Princess Consort does not mind.”

“Thanks doctor Zhang.”  Chen Ning took the clothes and turned around to head back into the room, closing the doors behind her.

She quickly changed into the robe and came back out.

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