Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 726

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Chapter 726: Looking for a tree to be hanged

Mo Chuan was afraid she was cold, so he wrapped her up in the blanket.  Remembering that her body was soaked in sweat and it would be uncomfortable for her to sleep like this, he went to find some towels and cloth for her to wipe herself with.

But he looked around and found that this place was unfamiliar.  He finally realized that he was no longer in his own palace and was in doctor Zhang’s room instead.

He went to open the door and when he stepped over the door, he hit himself on the threshold and almost fell.

A grey figure appeared suddenly appeared and supported him.  It let out a worried cry, “Emperor!”

This person was Zhui Feng.

Following behind him was doctor Zhang.

Doctor Zhang was holding a bowl of steaming soup which released the smell of medicine.  He carefully delivered it in front of Mo Chuan.

“Emperor, this minister has finished concocting this medicine.  Please take it while it’s warm.”


Mo Chuan closed his eyes.  His face was as white as paper.  When he wanted to take the bowl, his finger moved, but his hand weakly fell down.

He had used too much internal strength and he felt like his legs had no strength at all, which even made standing hard.  If Zhui Feng was not supporting him, he would have fallen to the ground.

When doctor Zhang saw this, he felt that he had made the medicine on time.  It seemed like the emperor urgently needed it.

“Doctor Zhang, you…..Go and feed her.  This one…..This one wants to rest for a bit.”  Mo Chuan’s voice was also weak and Zhui Feng was filled with worry seeing this.

Zhui Feng had never seen the emperor this weak.  His bright as the stars eyes had lost their glow.

His impression of the emperor was always spirited, but now he became this weak, it was like he was suffering from a heavy illness.  He couldn’t help praising doctor Zhang’s prophetic skills and he also gratefully looked over at doctor Zhang.

“…..”  Doctor Zhang froze.  He looked into the room and saw that Chen Ning as deeply sleeping on the bed.  Her face was no longer blood red and it was blushed like a march peach blossom, with a faint smile on her lips.  She was calmly sleeping, so he knew that she would have no problems.”

He then said, “Emperor, the Princess Consort does not need any revitalizing medicine, the drug has already been cured.  This lowly minister concocted this soup for the emperor. The emperor spent a lot of energy helping the Princess Consort cure herself, so this medicine will greatly revitalize the emperor’s body.”

Mo Chuan slightly closed his eyes.  He was certain he spent his internal energy and his dantian was completely empty.  He felt like sitting down and then going to sleep.

He forced himself to lift his arm and took the bowl from doctor Zhang’s hands.  After drinking a few mouthfuls, he said to doctor Zhang, “Find a quiet room, this one wants to rest.”

“Yes, yes.  Emperor, please come into the next room.  This place is also very quiet and no one will disturb the emperor’s rest.”

Doctor Zhang gave signals to Zhui Feng with his mouth and Zhui Feng slowly supported Mo Chuan into the room next door.

Mo Chuan stopped and looked over at Zhui Feng.

“Zhui Feng, guard this place.  If anything happens here, don’t come see this one anymore.”  His voice was very sharp.

Zhui Feng’s heart turned cold as he replied, “This one will follow your orders.”

He knew that King Ding Yuan taking the princess away last time, the emperor still had not raised this matter with him yet.  If he allowed her to be taken again, without the emperor saying anything, he wouldn’t have the face to remain as the emperor’s secret guard.  He would have to find a place to hang himself.

Mo Chuan limped over to the room and closed the door.  He immediately sat down cross legged and began to cycle his internal energy.

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