Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 707

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Chapter 707: Speak, beg me

Because he knew that she couldn’t hold on much longer.  She was already like baked dry wool and as long as he spun her a bit, it would form a raging fire.

He had used this drug before, so he knew how strong it was.

He grabbed one of her slender hands and pressed it on his chest.  He allowed her soft fingertips to touch his skin and continued confusing the final bit of reasoning she had left.

“Touch this.  See how strong this heart beats, it is beating for you.  Ning’er, as long as you say a single word, it will belong to you.  You are very hungry now, do you not wish to be embraced with my strong arms?  There is a lot of excitement in your body, but you have nowhere to vent it, right?  As long as you say it, beg me, be me to take you, I will satisfy your expectations. I will give you the greatest happiness in this world.”

His voice was like a mountain stream slowly flowing.  Her fingers in his palm were trembling and those trembles became stronger.

He was this close to her that the manly smell from his body was intoxicating.  The final bastion in her heart collapsed and her tense body slowly began to stretch like a flower that was slowly blooming.  That unique style on her face almost made him stop breathing.

Her left hand was being held by him and her right hand was holding onto the blanket covering her.  Her reasoning was making a final struggle inside her, but faced with this large desire, her final bit of reasoning had become pitiful.  It met his burning breath and turned into ashes.

“Ning’er, aren’t you warm?  Your body is burning, so don’t cover yourself with this thick blanket or else you’ll become warmer.”  Her fingers already had no strength, so he easily took the blanket from her.

“Your clothes are wet, I’ll help you take them off, alright?  You’ll feel cool after taking them off, you won’t be as hot.”

She was indeed very hot, the fire from the bottom of her heart had already melted her.  It was like she was in a volcano, no, in a frying pan being fried, being cooked. She took large breathes and her sweat fell like rain.  She felt that she would surely die, being burned to death.

She felt a current of sound coming from her ear that was cool and refreshing.  She could not clearly hear what that voice was saying and could only nod instinctively as she leaned towards the source of coolness.

Chu Shao Yang narrowed his eyes in satisfaction.  Seeing her move into his embrace in a daze, his slender fingers slowly moved over and began to remove her clothes.  Her breath was smelled like orchids and she did not resist at all.

He slowly leaned over her and the tip of his nose was opposite the tip of her nose.  His long, slender lashes were almost touching her face and her clear eyes were covered in a layer of fog as she looked at him in a daze.

He did not take the medicine, but there was also a flame burning in his heart that made his body turn hot.  His heart became faster and his throat was dry.

He did not know if he was tormenting her or if he was tormenting himself.

Because he was more uncomfortable, more hot than her.

“Say it, beg me.  As long as you beg me, I will make you feel more comfortable and cool.”  He gently touched her smooth as jade face with his nose as his hot breath touched her face.

Her hands were placed on his chest, but there was a voice inside his heart stopping him.  His body was hotter than flames and there was a magical strength that was pulling her closer.

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  1. eunieberry says:

    This is completely disgusting. CSY…I wanna see him suffer a miserable death. Sigh…I feel like it’s out of character for her to drag things like this. Like somehow I’m waiting for her to stab herself or hurt herself to stop the aphrodisiac.


  2. Anonymous says:

    When will this arc end is becoming boring already

  3. ysha says:

    Doesn’t she usually faint when she feels his heart? That would be handy, wouldn’t it?

  4. Maki says:

    Thank you! 😘😘😘😘

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    I hope something/someone stops this soon

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