Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 705

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Chapter 705: The mouth says no, but the heart says yes

“You really don’t want it?  But I feel your heart and your body really want it.  Ning’er, when did you learn how to say no with your mouth and say yes with your heart?”

His lips curled into a mocking smile.  He reached out a finger and slowly stroked it against her soft face.

Her face was as hot as fire, but her eyes were filled with stubbornness and unyieldingness.

“Chu Shao Yang, why are you humiliating me and torturing me?  If you hate me, why don’t you just kill me?” She said in a numb voice.

“That’s right, this king does hate you because you are too unfaithful!”  Chu Shao Yang’s smiling face suddenly turned cold. He grabbed her chin with a lot of strength.

“This king has given you many opportunities, but you have always rejected this king.  This king even knelt down in front of you in front of the entire court! As long as you give this king a chance, I will treat you very, very well, I will kneel down to you and forsake my pride and dignity forever!  But you didn’t. No matter what this king did, your heart was always made of stone! This king has placed my heart in front of you, but you fed that heart to the dogs! Tell me, how can this king not hate you!”

He became more excited the more he spoke as all his hatred enveloped his entire person.  He gritted his teeth while revealing a smile, but his smile was unusually cold.

“That high above man likes you, going crazy with love for you.  He was willing to even give away the throne for you, but you are this king’s woman and how dare he think about you!  How dare he! This king wants to let him personally see his most loved woman kneeling down beneath this king and begging me for mercy!  Ning’er, I truly do love you, but you are too cold and heartless. You keep stepping down on my pride and I, Chu Shao Yang am a man, I am not a piece of mud!  So, the shame you have given me, I will ask for it back from you bit by bit. I want you to kneel down at my feet and beg! Beg me, beg me!”

He screamed out while forcefully twisting her chin.  It was so painful that she winced.

His eyes were filled with madness.  That handsome face became twisted from his excitement and looked indescribably horrible.

“No!  Never!”  Her chin was in pain from being twisted by him, but the pain allowed her to keep a strand of her reasoning.

She stared at him with eyes like that of an angry little beast.  She would never allow herself to lose her dignity as a human just because she was affected by drugs, never!

But the waves of strange feelings coming from her body made her feel torture she had never felt before.  She tightly grabbed the blanket as her body trembled. She was struggling with her reason, struggling with her heart.

“He, he, Ning’er, you really are cute right now.  I like watching you struggling in pain like this. Your heart clearly wants to die, but you don’t have to courage to admit it.  But, I am not anxious and as long as you need it, I will keep waiting here. I’ll wait until you beg me.”

Chu Shao Yang revealed a smile.  The more she struggled in pain, the happier and more satisfied he felt.

He stood up and slowly began to undress.  He had only taken off his outer robe before, but now he took of his snow white middle robe.

He deliberately took of his upper clothes to reveal his beautiful and straight upper body.  The muscles were firm and strong, and his skin under the light of the candle was glowing like bright jade.

His body was slender and straight.  He was already very handsome when wearing clothes, but when he was not wearing clothes…..he was tempting!

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