Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 639

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Chapter 639: Black wings

Mo Chuan however shook his head and his eyes kept staring at the gates.  His hands formed fists and he slowly said, “He will definitely not give up.”

What did that mean?

Empress Dowager Zhou was stunned as she found that she could not understand her son.


The second cannon sounded, but the East Qin envoys still had not arrived.

The ministers were all high spirited as they were filled with laughter.  There were some people already congratulating Empress Dowager Zhou and Mo Chuan.

“Congratulations emperor, congratulations Empress Dowager, our West Chu has already obtained the first victory.”

Mo Chuan knit his brows as he said with a deep voice, “It’s not noon yet, it’s too early to speak of victory.”

He thought of how Na Mu Cuo looked at Chen Ning last night and his heart became tense.  He did not believe that Na Mu Cuo would give up this easily.

The ministers were all stunned.

At this time, the sound of horse hooves could be heard in the distance.  The hooves were rushing right towards the field, coming closer and moving faster.

There were several dozen horses running together.  Although they were moving fast, they moved as one, with several hundred horse hooves falling at the same time.

The faces of the people on the field could not help changing, even the people that did not know how to ride could hear it.  Being able to make several dozen horses run with the same rhythm, how hard was that!

With a “dong” sound, the final cannon finally sounded.

At the same time, a sturdy black horse was flying as it charged through the eastern field’s gate.  The rider of the horse was wearing a black cape that was fluttering behind him, like a pair of black wings.

The man and horse was like black lightning as they entered the field with great momentum.  They were followed by several dozen men on horse following him who were all wearing black coloured tight fitting clothes, revealing their strong and muscular bodies.  Those several hundred horse hooves flew together as they ran across the field raising dust.

The people on the stands could not stop their expressions from changing.

The riding skills of these black clothed men were in perfect coordination.  If they had not personally witnessed it, they never would have imagined such coordination was possible!

It’s said that the East Qin people grew up on their horses and they had only personally seen it now, knowing that it wasn’t just a rumour.

Seeing the black clothed men charge onto the field, Mo Chuan’s pupils shrank.  His eyes were staring at that man’s face and his eyes were filled with unspeakable anger and hatred.

When the doctor unwrapped the gauze on her wrists the night before and he saw a scene that truly shocked his heart.

They were two deep wounds.  Although the wound was covered in ointment and the wound was no longer bleeding, he could see with a single glance how deep the wound was and it was from slashing her wrist.  It could be imagined how much blood she lost at the time!

No wonder her face was so pale and she was so weak.  No wonder she fainted when he kissed her…..

It was because of this!

There was no need to think to know that these two deep wounds came from this man.  How evil was his heart to be this ruthless to her! He actually used this kind of evil method to torture her!

He was so angry at the time that he wanted to charge out and kill that man!

He didn’t know how much strength it took to control himself and not make a move.

He couldn’t!  He couldn’t kill this man because he was the aloof East Qin Country Crown Prince and he was also the East Qin Country’s mysterious envoy!

If the East Qin Crown Prince were to die in the West Chu Country, the consequences would be unimaginable.

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