Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 637

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Chapter 637: Really good like this

“Xiao Ru, what time is it now?”  She suddenly sat up on the bed, but she had sat up too sudden and her eyes became blurry as her body swayed.

Xiao Ru quickly supported her and placed a soft pillow behind her, letting her lean back against it.  She then took a warm towel, helping her wipe her face while chatting from the side.

“It’s 8:30 in the morning right now.  Young miss, you mustn’t move. The doctor has helped look over you and said that you had a blood deficiency, needing to rest in bed.  Young miss, after not seeing each other for a few days, how did you become like this? Last night, lots of money…..Oh, no, it’s the emperor.  When the emperor sent you back, your face did not have a single drop of blood in it, this servant was almost scared to death. It’s a good thing that the emperor said you had just fainted as well as bringing doctor to look you over.  That’s right, the doctor said that you had to take your medicine as soon as you woke up. This servant will prepare your medicine for you!”

Xiao Ru threw aside the towel and quickly ran out.  Chen Ning did not even have time to ask her anything else.


She remembered Na Mu Cuo saying that the East Qin and West Chu competition was set for noon today.  The location was the eastern field. She could still make it on time.

Xiao Ru quickly came back carrying a hot bowl of concocted medicine.  She carefully blew into it before putting it in front of Chen Ning’s lips.

“Young miss, quickly drink your medicine, it is the emperor’s orders.  He said that if you dare not drink the medicine, he would…..he would……”  Xiao Ru patted her head before thinking of something, “He said he would personally feed it to you!”

After this, she couldn’t help muttering, “This servant did not understand what the emperor meant, but the emperor said that the young miss would understand.”

Chen Ning’s face turned slightly red.  Of course she knew what Mo Chuan meant.

“I’ll drink!”  She took the bowl and drank it in one gulp.

Giving the bowl back to Xiao Ru, she closed her eyes to rest for a bit before saying, “Xiao Ru, help bring me a set of hunting clothes, I’m heading out.”

She pushed aside the blanket and prepared to get out of the bed.

“Young miss, the emperor and the doctor both said that you can’t get out of bed or move.  You have to properly rest, you aren’t allowed to go anywhere.”

Xiao Ru was scared before quickly coming forward to support her.

“I have something very important I have to do today.”

“Important matters can’t be more important than your body, young miss.”  Xiao Ru pursed her lips.

Chen Ning’s face sunk, “Xiao Ru, when did you start becoming so rebellious?  You won’t even listen to me?”

She had the position of the master.  Even if Xiao Ru wasn’t willing, she had to obediently bring a set of hunting clothes and place it in front of the bed.

She came out of the bed and her body swayed.  Xiao Ru quickly came to support her as she complained, “Young miss, the doctor said that you can’t get out of bed, you…..”

“Xiao Ru, help me get dressed.”  Chen Ning cut her off, slightly knitting her brows.

She was very dissatisfied with herself.  With how weak she was, how could she ride the horse later?  If she knew that it would be like this, she really shouldn’t have used that much blood to save Na Mu Cuo.

With Xiao Ru’s help, she finally changed into her clothes.  She sat down at her dressing table and saw her own pale face which did not have any blood in it.  She did not like her sick self, so she picked up the makeup that she had never used. She touched it a few times to her cheeks, adding a bit of colour to them.

Xiao Ru blurted out, “Young miss, you look really good like this?”

“Is that so?”  She turned around with a faint smile.

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