Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 633

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Chapter 633: If one likes it, it will not change

“The hardest to obtain things are also the most precious.  I don’t like fireworks, but I like you. Can you stay by my side, always being with me?”

With the sky filled with fireworks, he slightly lowered his head to look intently at her, speaking with a sincere voice.

There wasn’t his usual aloof or proud tone.

His words did not move her, but his voice had a charm that enchanted the hearts of others.  It was like he was singing love songs, making him irresistible.

She lowered her eyes and whispered, “Do you like me because my eyes look like Ya Li Xian’s?  But let me tell you, I am not Ya Li Xian. There is only one Ya Li Xian in this world, but she is already dead.  She loved another person and you couldn’t accept it, so you killed her. Although I am not Ya Li Xian, I am like her.  I like someone else and I will not change my mind once I love someone, I will be devoted to them. No matter how good of a man appears in front of me, I won’t like them.  Including you, Na Mu Cuo.

Na Mu Cuo’s chin tightened and his brows slowly fell down as his eyes filled with rage.

“The man you like is your West Chu’s emperor?  Do you know that even if he is the emperor, in front of this prince, he still must act respectful and bow his head to this prince.  Tell me, if this prince were to ask him for you, would he give you to this prince?”

Chen Ning’s heart skipped a beat.  She looked up right at him, “You can give it a try.”

“You truly do have confidence in him.  You still have value to him, so of course he wouldn’t agree, but what if you were to lose to this prince tomorrow?  Do you think he would still treasure you? To him, you would be nothing more than an useless tool. When this prince asks him for you then, would he agree or not?”

Na Mu Cuo looked at her with smiling eyes.

“Tomorrow?  The competition is tomorrow?”  She took in a gasp, “Did I sleep for a day and night?”

“That’s right, do you still think you can win against me?  Because you saved me, I am willing to to give you a chance.  As long as you agree to my proposal, I can deliberately lose tomorrow and give you face in front of everyone.  If you don’t agree…..the result will be the same. Only, this time you will become a gift from the West Chu emperor to this prince.  Little beauty, you are smart, so what is your choice?” He looked at her with a confident smile on his face.

Chen Ning bit her lips and stared at him,

“Na Mu Cuo, I will compete with you fairly tomorrow and I will certainly win.  When I win, you must agree to one request of mine. Is your highness feeling regretful now?”

He rubbed his smooth chin and his brows knit, “You really want to lose?”

“Wrong, I want to win.”

“You can’t win.”  He confidently said.

“Then we’ll have to see at tomorrow’s competition.  Your highness, I want to leave this place, will you stop me?”

He pondered this a bit before nodding, “Alright, I’ll have people send you wherever you want to go.”

She was like a pigeon with its feet tied.  No matter how far she flew, as long as the line was in his hands, she would come back sooner or later, falling into his palms.

“Many thanks for your highness’ good intentions.  I don’t need people to send me away, I just need your highness to return my things to me.”  She reached out her palm.

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