Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 617

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Chapter 617: Horn of angels

She only heard Na Mu Cuo’s low and deep voice slowly ring out again.

“Then I heard Ya Li Xian’s voice say, ‘Good big brother, how much you love me, give it all to me tonight.  After tonight, I will marry him and become his woman.’ Her voice was still sweet and moving, like the sound of a heavenly bird, but I was filled with pain because she was calling another man and calling him ‘good big brother’!  I couldn’t hold it in anymore and as my hand fell onto my blade, wanting to jump into the window, using a single blade each to kill both of those bastards. Who would have thought that I would hear Ku Bu’s voice at this time, ‘Ya Li Xian, don’t marry him.  You are my woman, you can only marry me in this lifetime!’ Ya Li Xian said with a low sigh, ‘I can’t not marry. If I don’t marry him, he will exterminate my dad’s tribe. I can’t let him harm my entire tribe just because of me.’”

When he said this, he paused as his eyes fell onto the picture on the lantern.  He was lost in thought as he remembered the memories of his past.

She did not disturb him as she also looked at the painting of Ya Li Xian.  She thought in her heart, in the end she didn’t love him.

“Ku Bu suddenly gave a cold laugh and said, ‘There is no need to fear, he won’t live long.’  Ya Li Xian was shocked and asked, ‘What did you say?’ My heart was also shocked and I held my breath as I focused my ears.  Although I didn’t hear my name, I knew that the he Ku Bu mentioned was definitely me. I heard Ku Bu triumphantly say, ‘Did you not notice him changing recently?’  Ya Li Xian said, ‘Un, his face did not look good and he fights regularly. I asked him what’s wrong and he said that he was cold, saying he wanted to hug me. He said that he wouldn’t be cold anymore if he hugged me.  I thought he was deliberately trying to approach me, so I ignored him and left. Ku Bu, what did you do to him?’ Ku Bu said, ‘You don’t need to care about that. You just need to wait a few more days and he will no longer be able to threaten you or your tribe anymore.’  Ya Li Xian said in a trembling voice, ‘Did you poison him? You gave him the horn of angel, right?’ Ku Bu did not say anything, but he should have nodded.”

Hearing this, Chen Ning couldn’t help speaking in a soft voice, “Horn of angels?”

Na Mu Cuo immediately turned to look at her and said in a low and deep voice, “What, you’ve heard of this poison before?”

Chen Ning said in a deep voice, “The horn of angels, a pure white flower that is shaped like a beautiful drooping horn.  The flower’s pollen is poisonous and its toxin spreads through a person’s skill. The people afflicted with its poison will feel colder and colder, finally having their blood condense into ice.  It is seventh amongst the world’s ten greatest flower poisons.”

Na Mu Cuo muttered, “Seventh, the world’s seventh is already this powerful?  That’s right, it’s that horn of angels!”

His right hand pressed down on the table and his fingers almost cracked the surface as the limbs began to creak.

Chen Ning finally understood why his body was always as cold as ice and why he always looked for hot springs.  It was because the horn of angels was incurable and he could only use sulfur to delay the spread of the toxins.

Na Mu Cuo’s voice began to fill with anger, “When I heard this, I couldn’t hold it in any longer.  I jumped in through the window and saw a naked man and woman hugging each other on the carpet on the ground.  The moon shined down on their face and when the two of them saw me, their faces filled with absolute terror.”

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