Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 615

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Chapter 615: Willing to only be with her

“That’s right, you really were kind to them.  You sent the two of them into heaven, now they can live together, never separating, living this kind of blessed life.  Even if you want to hurt them again, you can’t do it anymore.” Chen Ning’s heart was filled with disgust as he tone became sharp.

Na Mu Cuo’s face turned red as he jumped up in rage.  He pointed his finger right at Chen Ning, unable to say a word as he was choked with anger.

“You….You…..”  He found that even with his intelligence, he could not say a single word to refute her.

When he thought of how her words did contain a bit of truth, his chest was stuffed up.

Chen Ning looked at him and suddenly said, “Your highness, you must have loved that woman, right?  Was she the one for you?”

Na Mu Muo wanted to say, “What does it matter to you!  Why should this prince tell you!”

But he involuntarily nodded.  The matters of the past flooded into his mind, making his voice low and deep.

“You’re right, she was this prince’s most loved woman!  She was also the most beautiful woman in my East Qin Country!  She and I grew up together and I knew a long time ago that she would marry me after we grew up.  I waited for her to grow up, waiting for the day she married me. Do you know how long I waited for her?”

He paused for a second, but without waiting for Chen Ning to speak, he continued by saying, “I waited for an entire eighteen years!  On the day she turned eighteen, I proposed to her and she agreed with a shy smile. In that moment, I felt like I was the most happy person in the world!  But do you know what happened next?”

Chen Ning said nothing and just silently listened.

She knew that Na Mu Cuo did not care about her answer.  He had suppressed it for too long and only needed a pair of ears to listen to him.

“On the night that she agreed to my proposal, I was so happy that I couldn’t sleep, so I ran underneath her window.  I did not want to disturb her rest, I just wanted to see if she would call my name in her dreams. If she wasn’t asleep, I would sing to her from underneath her window, singing until she did fall asleep.  In our East Qin Country, all the women loved to hear my singing, but I was only willing to sing for her. Whenever she listened to me sing, she would always go silent and sit down in front of me while holding her chin.  Those eyes that were brighter than the stars stared at me without blinking, making my heart drunk when she stared at me, allowing my songs to become even more touching and moving. At that time, I really wanted to hug her and kiss her, but every time I tried, she would stop me.  She said that she was too small and to wait for her to grow up.”

Na Mu Cuo’s voice was deep and magnetic.  He had a very pleasant voice that flowed into her ears like flowing water.

She could hear through his voice.  She never thought that such an aggressive man would actually have this kind of lingering and tender love.

“She was my most loved woman, so I was willing to wait until the day she was eighteen.  I always showed her love and restraint, never touching her once because she said she wanted to leave her most beautiful moment for the day we were married.  She said she wanted to give everything she had to me, from her body to her heart and I believed her! Then on this night, I quietly went to her window and opened it slightly, but I heard a series of gasps suddenly coming out which stunned me.”

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