Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 542

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Chapter 542: The one she wanted was not him

A faint, sweet fruit smell entered her nose and she suddenly felt a bit thirsty.  She was thinking, if she took a sip, she wouldn’t be drunk, right?

She was still a bit uneasy as she asked Chu Shao Bai, “Is this wine truly light?”

He revealed a smile, “Are you worried about becoming drunk?  You can be assured that even if you become drunk, I will safely send you back.”

“Then let me have a taste.”

“Alright.”  He gave the wine bottle to her.

She carefully took a test sip and tasted a light and sweet favour that did not have the wine taste at all.  She took another sip in a relaxed manner, but she did not dare drink, only taking a test sip.

She quickly filled her stomach and leaned against a tree, closing her eyes.

The valley was very silent, even the sound of a petal falling could be heard.

Her heart also became very calm.

This place was like a paradise that contained no worries from the real world.  If only she and Mo Chuan could be like this, idling their days away, how great that would be.

Ai, but Mo Chuan can’t do that.

He was the emperor and he had many national affairs to deal with, how could he have the time.


With closed eyes, she heard Chu Shao Yang’s soft voice ring in her ears.


“Are you happy being with me today?”

“I am.”

“Then, do you want to be this happy every day?”  He stared at her while holding his breath.

“I…..”  Of course I do.

She almost blurted this out.

She opened her eyes and saw Chu Shao Bai’s eyes filled with hope before shaking her head.

“Xiao Bai, human lives should not just be simply happiness, there needs to be many sorrows and problems.  Of course I wish I could be this happy my entire life, but no, I can’t do it.”

She had already decided to be with Mo Chuan, so she needed to share in Mo Chuan’s responsibilities and burdens, as well as his problems.

“Why can’t you?  As long as you wish for it, I will be able to do it, I will make you happy.  You like it here, right? You like freedom and being unrestrained, right? I’ve said it before, I will take you away, as long as you’re willing to leave with me.  The sky is high and the sea is wide, I will take you to the most beautiful scenes in the world. Watching the sunrise, watching the sunset, watching the waves of the ocean…..Ning’er, don’t say you don’t like this.  You can’t lie to me” He tightly held her hands, speaking with an excited voice.

There was no doubt that his description was beautiful with each word exciting her.  She did indeed like this and was what she wanted. She wanted to travel the world and see all the beautiful sights out there.

But, she didn’t want to do it with him.

She looked into his clear eyes and could not bear to say that words that would hurt him.  She only smiled and said, “Xiao Bai, it’s getting late. Let’s go back.”

The shine in his eyes dimmed a bit, but he revealed a smile and said, “Alright.  Just wait for me. The peach blossoms are truly beautiful, so I’ll go pick one for you.”


She nodded with a smile.  She saw the rise and fall of his white clothes as he jumped onto a cliff and pulled out a peach blossom off of it.

This Xiao Bai was truly strange.  There were many peach blossom trees around them, but he had to pick one from the cliff.

She looked away with a faint smile as she looked around herself at the flowers in full bloom with a look of reluctance.  The wind blew and the flower scent filled the air.

It would be great if she could come here with Mo Chuan one day.


She heard Chu Shao Bai’s voice calling for her from behind.

She turned around with a smile.

A sparkling dagger stabbed into her chest.

The brightest peach blossom bloomed from her chest.

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