Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 525

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Chapter 525: Really tricky

Empress Dowager Zhou did not say a word after listening to everything.  She still had the same expressionless face, but her heart had exploded into the heavens.

She had thought that her son had fallen in love with Chen Ning at first sight on the night of the spring banquet.  She was angry at her son for indulging in his emotions like this and she hated Chen Ning even more. She thought that she was a girl that wanted to climb the ranks, so she seduced Mo Chuan.

After finding out how it all happened, she realized that the one truly at fault was not Chen Ning, but rather her emperor son.

Listen to all the things he did!

He didn’t act like a proper emperor and ran off claiming to be an assassin to act as a guard for this girl in the King Ding Yuan palace!

If Xiao Si had not personally told her this, she would not believe that her ever calm and steady emperor son would do such a wonderful thing.

Speaking of this, this matter couldn’t be blamed on the girl surnamed Chen, it was all her son’s fault.  When he ran out of the palace to act as a bodyguard her her, he might have already had feelings for her!

But he clearly knew who that girl was!  It was his nephew’s wife!

How could he have these kinds of feelings he shouldn’t have towards his nephew’s wife!

The more Empress Dowager thought about it, the angrier she became.  She could not breathe anymore and began to cough, until her eyes turned white.

“Empress Dowager!”

Xiao Si saw that it was bad and quickly jumped forward, helping Empress Dowager Zhou pat her back.

After a while, Empress Dowager Zhou finally caught her breath, but her expression was still ugly to look at.

She looked at Xiao Si and raised her hand.

“Pa!”  She gave a strong slap across Xiao Si’s face.

“It is all your dog servant’s fault!  The good emperor has been led astray by you dog servants!”

Xiao Si quickly kneeled down, “Yes, yes, yes.”

Although he took a large slap, the stone in his heart fell down.

Because he could hear that Empress Dowager Zhou’s tone of voice was much gentler.  It seemed like she would not send him to the Clear Breeze House out of anger and he secretly wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

Empress Dowager Zhou rubbed her head, feeling her temples pulsing with pain.

This was a really tricky matter to solve!

After she learned this, she realized that matters were more troublesome than she imagined.

The emperor would actually do something to this extent, it truly surpassed her expectations.  She could not help feeling disappointed and hurt.

No, she had to take advantage of the fact that things hadn’t gone too far yet and cut off this fatal attraction to her son!

No matter what, she couldn’t let this girl ruin the emperor and ruin the entire West Chu Country!

“Empress Dowager!  Reporting to the Empress Dowager!  The emperor has returned to the palace!”

Su Jin’s excited voice came from outside the door.

Hearing this, Empress Dowager Zhou and Xiao Si’s eyes lit up.

Empress Dowager Zhou actually came off the couch and personally opened the door.

“Go and call the emperor here for this widow.”

“Empress Dowager…..This, this servant is afraid this servant can’t do that.”  Su Jin revealed an awkward expression.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s brows knit, “Speak, where is the emperor!”

“Reporting to the Empress Dowager, the emperor is currently in the doctor’s yard.”

Empress Dowager Zhou was surprised and concern quickly filled her, “What happened to the emperor?  Quickly prepare a sedan, this widow is going to the doctors yard.”

She quickly ran outside.  Su Jin rushed over to support her and whispered, “Empress Dowager, please came yourself.  The emperor is fine, something has happened to the Princess Consort.”

Empress Dowager Zhou suddenly stood still and stared at Su Jin, “Just what has happened!  Explain everything clearly for this widow!”

Su Jin kneeled and replied, “This servant has received the news that the emperor rushed into the doctor’s yard holding the Princess Consort.  This servant heard that the Princess Consort has suddenly fainted and would not awaken, so the emperor has called all the doctors in the doctors yard, having them treat the Princess Consort.”

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