Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 515

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Chapter 515: Not easy to bully

“You’re seeking death!”  Mo Chuan was filled with rage as he stabbed forward with the branch.

Who would have thought that when he stabbed forward, the man would suddenly dip his head forward, falling into the spring.  Mo Chuan’s branch stabbed into thin air.

But he already guessed that the other side would do this.  He reached out his hand and grabbed Chen Ning’s waist, pulling her from the man’s grasp.

The moment her body left the water, his right hand suddenly raised and a snow white dress covered her body.

She flew through the air and the fluttering white dress was like a hundred white lilies blooming.  It was beautiful to the point that it was enchanting.

In the next minute, she had already fallen into Mo Chuan’s firm and warm embrace.

“Ning’er, are you alright?”  As soon as he asked this question, he heard a “hua la” sound come from the water.

That man used all his strength to send a palm under the water, sending a wall of water at him and her.

He reached out with his left hand and slapped the wall of water.  Hearing a large “hua” sound, the water wall collapsed and water droplets splashed in all directions.

At this moment, the man jumped out of the surface of the water and gave a long laugh.  He jumped onto the wall and stood in a good position. His qinggong was actually not below Mo Chuan’s.

He turned around and winked at Chen Ning.  With a smile he said, “Little beauty, I will come and find you again!”

After saying this, he turned and jumped, disappearing over the tree wall.

“Bastard, you still want to run?”

Mo Chuan jumped onto the wall holding her and saw that person was several feet away already.  He knew he could not catch up holding someone, but he could not let her down.

He used his internal energy and threw out the branch in his hand.  It whistled through the air as if flew at the back of the person where his heart was.

It was like that man had eyes on his back.  He suddenly reached back and grabbed the branch before forcefully throwing it back.

“One should give as good as he gets, so have a taste of my strength!”

The branch turned into an arrow, flying at Mo Chuan’s chest.

Mo Chuan’s lips curled into a cold smile and did not dodge it.

But when the branch was a foot away, it suddenly changed directions and stabbed into the ground.  With a “pu” sound, it went halfway into the ground. It seems like this man’s internal strength was also very strong.

Only, why would he shoot it in the wrong directions?

Mo Chuan was puzzled and heard the man say with a laugh, “This was just to scare you, don’t think that I’m easy to bully!  I can’t bear to harm my little beauty!”

The sound of laughter faded into the distance as both the voice and person disappeared.

Mo Chuan stared in the direction he disappeared in, but he did not chase after him.

“Ning’er, did he do anything to you?”  He looked down at her. After examining her body, he quickly moved back.

Chen Ning found it funny how his face was flushed.  She still did not do anything and he was already this shy.  After a while, she couldn’t resist teasing him.

“He…..He…..He…..”  She suddenly bit his chest and angrily said, “Why did you come so late, causing me to…..”  Her voice choked up as her eyes turned red.

Mo Chuan’s hands instantly tightened as his heart filled with pain.

He did come late.

It was because he thought the same thing as her.  He never would have imagined that someone would appear in a secluded place like this.  He also couldn’t bear guarding the hot spring because he was afraid that hearing the sounds of her bathing would stir his heart and he wouldn’t be able to control himself!

So, only when he heard her call out his name did he realize that something had happened and he quickly rushed over.

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