Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 508

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Chapter 508: Until the end of time

When their lips touched once again, their bodies trembled at the same time.  A beautiful feeling of wanting to explode spread from their lips and went across their bodies.

He closed his eyes and dedicated himself into this kiss, making him reveal an unprecedented expression of focus.

This was a beautiful taste that he had never tasted before.  He never thought that with a light taste, he would be unable to give it up.

The sweet wine between inside their mounts and his gentle kissing, it was like a trickle of flowing water that never ended.

Her head tilted back and her eyes began to sparkle with a faint flow, feeling his gentleness.

He was carefully holding her in his embrace.  Even his kiss was filled with care and love.

She really wanted to keep kissing him like this, until the ends of time…..

Suddenly, she felt a pain coming from her chest that made her body unable to stop a tremble.

He immediately felt it and raised his head.  With deep eyes, he said in a stunned voice, “What’s wrong?  Did I hurt you?”

He suddenly felt that his kiss was too strong and too long.  He had pressed her against the cold deck for so long, which made his heart fill with guilt.

“No, I just…..felt a bit cold.”  She dropped her head a bit as she caressed his shoulders.

“I’ll hug you.”  He immediately lifted her up and let her sit in his arms.  He forcefully hugged her with his strong arms and then thinking about it, he began to take off his belt.

She was as startled as a little rabbit as her face turned white, “You, you, what are you doing?”

He put his other coat on her shoulders and tightly wrapped it up before whispering in her ear, “Are you still cold?”

“No, I’m not cold.”  Her fine white teeth bit her lip as she looked at him with a complicated look.  Her pretty face was covered in a blush.

She was annoyed in her heart because she had thought he was undressing for that…..What kind of person had she taken Mo Chuan for!  She had thought that he was the same as Chu Shao Yang!

Mo Chuan poured another cup of wine and used his internal strength to warm it before placing it before her lips, “Have some warm wine, then you won’t be cold.”

She looked and took the wine, slowly drinking it.  When the warm wine entered her stomach, her entire body felt warm.  When she looked up, she found that he was staring at her without blinking, completely focused on her, like he had seen through her heart.  She was immediately flustered and her fingers trembled, almost dropping the wine cup.

He reached out in time to grab onto her hand.  His hand were large and warm while her hands were cold and trembling.

“Ning’er, you’re aren’t cold, but rather afraid of something.  Tell me, what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of me?” He calmly looked at her with a trace of being hurt in his eyes.

Every subtle expression she had did not escape his gaze.

He had always restrained himself, not letting himself go overboard with her.  Even the kisses were all initiated by her.

Because he didn’t want to make it hard for her and he wanted to give her respect.  If she wasn’t willing, then he wouldn’t force her.

Because she still did not belong to him!

Other than her lips, he did not touch a single place that he shouldn’t have touched, but why did she start trembling out of fear?

Did he look like a beast?

“No, how could I be afraid of you?  You’re so good, considerate, and gentle to me.  No, I’m not afraid of you, I’m not afraid of you at all.”

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