Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 499

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Chapter 499: This kind of feeling is really good

The items in the house were all priceless and this carved blue jade teacup was even rarer.

But the two of them did not even spare a glance for it.

“Why do you make these decisions by yourself?  Why do you keep trying to solve everything by yourself?  Why couldn’t you honestly tell me about it? Un? Mo Chuan finally spoke.  He looked down slightly, looking into her eyes.

His voice was very calm that sounded like flowing water, but his eyes were filled with an inexplicable anger that made her unable to stop shivering.

She looked down, as if she didn’t dare look at him.

His question was even more aggressive than his eyes which made her speechless.

“Is it because in your heart, I, Mo Chuan am that unreliable?  Tell me, have you ever believed in me before!” He suddenly reached out and raised her chin, giving her no choice but to look into his eyes.

His deep and dark pupils suddenly made her heart skip a beat, followed by her breathing becoming tight.

“Tell me!  Why did you not tell me about this!  Did you think that I couldn’t save Xiao Ru or you?  If I didn’t notice you being strange and I didn’t send the Eldest Princess to save you, would you have returned to his side?  Is that right?”

His teeth almost shattered from gritting them.  Only he was wearing a face mask, so his face looked very calm, but his eyes were burning with a deep anger!

She did not know that when he learned that she had left the palace and was sitting on a carriage heading for the King Ding Yuan palace, just how shocked and hurt he was!

Because she had never trusted him, never believing that he could protect her!

That’s why she would make this kind of absurd decision!

If he had not sent someone to secretly guard her, perhaps she would have already been eaten by that evil wolf, Chu Shao Yang, without leaving a single trace!

“You…..How did you find out?  Was it you…..that sent the Eldest Princess to save me?”  She shrank back from the anger in his eyes, but her heart also suddenly felt warm.

She thought that she had behaved very naturally, so how did he find out that she was acting strange?

“Do you think you can hide matters from this one?”  His eyes still burned with anger and his voice was cold and firm.

But in her ears, it felt very warm.  It was like a lost child suddenly finding their way home or like a warm spring breeze blowing in the cold winter.

He was hugging her in his strong arms.  She suddenly felt that as long as she was in his embrace, even if the sky fell down, she would not be afraid.

This feeling of having someone to rely on was really good, it was very good.

“Are you……angry?”  She raised her large eyes that were like clear springs and calmly looked at him.


He was a man, it would be strange if he wasn’t angry!

Mo Chuan stared at her as his heart was turned soft by her sparkling eyes.  He forced himself to harden his face, maintaining that cold expression.

If he did not keep scolding her, who knows what kind of bold things she would do in the future!

“Humph!”  He gave a heavy snort.

“Don’t…..be angry.  I promise you, this is the last time.  I will tell you everything that happens and won’t hide anything from you, alright?”

She was intelligent, so of course she knew why he was angry.  Not to mention the fact that she had been too subjective, too willful, and also too…..untrusting of him.

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