Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 490

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Chapter 490: If you don’t want it

No, it shouldn’t be like this.

She should not be moved by him, she should not believe his words.

She bit her lips as she tried to suppress the throbbing waves in her heart, but her heart beat even faster, beating along with his heart.

Why was it like this?

Her eyes opened wide in shock.  She tried to avoid his eyes filled sparkling with tears, but it was like there was a magic power that was attracting her, not letting her move at all.

“This heart, if there is a day you don’t want it, then this king does not want it either.” He said in a low voice before revealing a sad smile to her.  His handsome face turned even more pale.

Chen Ning’s chest suddenly filled with pain that she almost could not breathe.  Her body began to tremble and she could not control it at all.

Her eyes turned dark as her body swayed and turned soft, falling to the ground.

“Ning’er!”  Chu Shao Yang loudly called out.  He reached out in time, catching her.

She fell into his arms with closed eyes, falling into unconsciousness.

“You bastard, what did you do to her?  Let her go!” The Eldest Princess was filled with rage, suddenly sending out a palm at Chu Shao Yang’s back.

She had her head turned to the side, but she could clearly hear what was being said between the two of them.  When she heard Chu Shao Yang’s honest confession, her stiff heart could not help turning soft again and she didn’t have the heart to interrupt them.

The so called broken bones become stronger.  Shao Yang did all of this because of his deep love.

Even a faint hope was produced inside of her heart.  Perhaps Ning’er could forgive him and their relationship becoming good again could be a good thing.

She never thought that Chen Ning would suddenly faint like this.

“Call a doctor!  Quickly call a doctor!”  Chu Shao Yang shouted out, tightly holding her without letting go.  

With the palm hitting his back, he did not dodge at all, like he didn’t even notice it.

“……”  As the Eldest Princess’ palm hit his back, she took it back.

She suddenly turned around and loudly ordered, “Someone, go into the palace and bring a doctor!”

Chu Shao Yang looked down at the girl in his arms.  With long hair like dark clouds, skin like snow, and long lashes that covered her sparkling eyes, she seemed like she was sleeping, but her brows were tightly knit.

He lifted her up and walked out with large steps.

“Stop!  Where are you taking Ning’er?”  The Eldest Princess shot in front of him like an arrow, blocking his path.

“She is this king’s princess, so this king is bringing her back to my palace.  Royal aunt, you wouldn’t be interfering in your nephew’s family matters, right?”

Chu Shao Yang suddenly looked up with eyes filled with flames of rage.  In that instant, he was like an angry lion that wanted to eat someone.

The Eldest Princess looked into his eyes, not retreating at all.

“She was invited here by this princess, so this princess cannot allow you to take her away like this!  If you want to take her, then wait until she’s awake. If she wishes to leave with you, then this princess will not force her to stay, but right now, this is not allowed!”  She said in a sharp voice.

“Alright, then this king will wait until she awakens.  This king believes that she will wish to leave with this king.”

Chu Shao Yang remembered Chen Ning’s appearance before she fainted, the eyes filled with deep affection and sadness that she looked at him with.  He was still in her heart, he dared to bet on that!

So he did not mind waiting a bit longer.

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  1. Massrelease needed says:

    Stop teasing us with teaser’ please

  2. Alfred1994 says:

    If she falls for him i ll drop this novel

  3. Thor says:

    We all know he is a terrible man, and even though i have read novels where the author decides to come with thise kind of painfully to read stuff I believe that she would not end upp with him. Point 1: we still have the King. Point 2: I don’t believe she would be stupid enough to stay with him when she know about his Cruel sides. So all inn all I think this whole part is just to keep this story interesting. I won’t drop this novel if she does end up with him and spawn 20 evil mini hims. I am just here to read the story and take parts of what I found inn this story that I though was good and combine with other stories to create a story fit for me inn my head. So keep writhing/translating. Yours T

  4. Niki411 says:

    I don’t know where this novel is going. I thought she would get the divorce and then the emperor would spend the rest of the time trying to entice her to be his empress with Chu Shao Yang eating vinegar. HOWEVER, the results are like this. It’s a circle now. He will NEVER give up unless he is killed. So SOMEONE kill him!!!!!! Please! I am so close to dropping this now.

  5. Mii says:

    ….. what th heck was that???

  6. Andi says:

    A few chapters ago I was thinking, “How does the scene in the novel’s summary make sense at this point? Maybe it’s from a different novel.” But now, I’m like “Oooooooh! I see now.” I think that even if she doesn’t give in to CSY, this unwilling wavering of her heart will be mistaken by MC and he’ll lose his shiz and kidnap her in a fit of jealousy and then……snu snu city, like in the summary….that’s my theory.

  7. FableCat says:

    Could it be the soul of the body still hasn’t left? Still alive but too weak to revive? Then will our Mc hv to reincarnate in other body… but it would be most unlikely right to hv 3rd chance of another body..

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