Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 469

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Chapter 469: Goodbye Mo Chuan

From the first time she saw him, her instincts told her not to approach that man, otherwise there would be a lot of trouble.

Now, she felt that her instinct was correct.

Empress Dowager Zhou slowly lowered her head.  She could see that this girl’s words were all true.”

“Alright, this widow will send you back immediately.”  A large stone dropped in her heart and her entire body relaxed.

“Empress Dowager, this matter…..It’d be best not to let him know right now.”  Chen Ning forcefully bit her lips.

“This widow understands.”  Empress Dowager Zhou nodded.

Her eyes looking at Chen Ning unknowingly became soft.  Once their enmity disappeared, she realized that she did care a bit about this girl.

She knew that Chu Shao Yang was a greedy wolf, but she was about to send her into the wolf’s mouth.

But only like this could they keep the prestige of the royal family, not letting the people of the world taunt them on this matter.

Empress Dowager Zhou came down from the couch and pulled Chen Ning up by her hands.  She patted the back of her hands, “This widow knows you’re a good girl, only……”

She wanted to say something to comfort the other side, but when faced with those clear, sparkling eyes, she found that anything she said would seem empty and hypocritical.

She couldn’t say anything in the end.

Only when Chen Ning left did she give a faint sigh into this completely empty room.

Chen Ning entered the sedan at the palace gates.  She was alone and had brought nothing with her. She had entered the palace empty handed and she would leave this place today empty handed.

No yearning and no reluctance.

This royal palace was never a place she dreamed of staying in.  Although the man she loved lived here, she never belonged inside this palace.

The sedan sent her to the royal city’s gate where a horse carriage prepared by Empress Dowager Zhou was waiting.

Chen Ning came out of the sedan.  When she was about to enter the carriage, she suddenly heard anxious footsteps coming from behind her.

“Princess Consort!”

She was a little surprised.  She had thought that it was someone Mo Chuan sent after her, but she turned around to find that it was Su Jin.

“Aunt Su Jin, thank you for taking care of me over these past few days.”

She revealed a faint smile.  Living in the Peaceful Life Palace for the past few days, Su Jin had been very thoughtful and considerate towards her which made her very grateful.

Su Jin bowed to her, “Princess Consort, the Empress Dowager has a gift for you.”

“Gift?”  Chen Ning’s eyes fell onto the eunuchs behind Su Jin who were holding several large boxes.

Seeing Chen Ning look over, the eunuchs opened the boxes.  The boxes were filled with luxurious clothes and magnificent jewelry, with each item looking very valuable.

To have Empress Dowager Zhou give a gift to someone, how could this be a normal matter?

But Su Jin saw Chen Ning’s lips slowly reveal a faint smile and her face turning a bit warm.

She couldn’t help complaining about the Empress Dowager in her heart, sending this kind of embarrassing thing.

She did not care about worldly possessions at all!

Chen Ning smiled and said, “Aunt Su Jin, help me thank the Empress Dowager for her gift.  I really do like her gift. Could you have these men help me put them on the cart?”

The eunuchs quickly placed the boxes on the horse carriage.

“Aunt Su Jin, until we meet again.”  She smiled as she shook Su Jin’s hand before turning to enter the carriage.

From the beginning to end, she had been smiling the entire time.

But without knowing why, Su Jin’s heart felt like it was being pressed on.  It was like there was a rock in her heart creating an indescribable discomfort.

The horse carriage quickly left the royal palace.

Chen Ning lifted the carriage’s curtains, taking a final glance at the royal palace dyed in the dusk light.

Goodbye royal palace.

Goodbye Mo Chuan.

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