Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 451

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Chapter 451: Composing a prose in seven steps

“Empress Dowager, Yu Yan…..”

She was about to refuse, but before she could finish, she was cut off by a smiling Chen Ning, “Could miss Xia not do this?  If miss Xia cannot do this, then this will be considered my win.”

Xia Yu Yan couldn’t help being filled with anger.  She turned to Chen Ning, not understanding where her confidence was coming from.

She was filled with arrogance.  She was the number one genius, how could she not compete with an idiot?

“Alright, let’s compete!  Empress Dowager, please give a topic.”

Empress Dowager never thought that Chen Ning would add on another requirement.  Creating a prose in seven steps was already difficult, but now it was even harder with a random topic……She believed that no one in West Chu could do this.

Her deep eyes fell onto Chen Ning’s face, wishing she could understand what this little girl was thinking.

Chen Ning was calm, showing no fear at all.

Empress Dowager looked away.  She understood what trick this little girl wanted to play.

She clearly couldn’t do it herself, so she deliberately made it harder so Xia Yu Yan couldn’t do it either.

If they both couldn’t do it, then no matter what, she would not be made a fool of.

It had to be said, this was a clever method.

Only now that she had seen through this girl’s thoughts, why was she so confident?

“Miss Xian, do you really want to compete?  If you don’t want to compete, this widow can give you another method of competing.”  Empress Dowager Zhou said in a gentle voice.

She was clearly supporting Xia Yu Yan.

It was a pity that in her rage, Xia Yu Yan could not hear this at all.  She thought that Empress Dowager Zhou was looking down on her instead.

“Empress Dowager, Yu Yan is willing to compete with the Princess Consort.  Yu Yan believes that if the Princess Consort can do this, then Yu Yan will also be able to do this.”

Empress Dowager Zhou nodded and then said nothing.

Su Jin stood behind Empress Dowager Zhou and then looked down.  She was thinking that this girl really was dumb, not being able to hear Empress Dowager Zhou’s good intentions.  Ai, how could this girl be suitable for the emperor?

The lake pavilion was surrounded by all kinds of exotic fauna.  Once the breeze came it, it also brought a fresh flower fragrance.

Empress Dowager Zhou saw a butterfly flying above the flowers.  She pointed at it and said, “Let’s have this butterfly be the theme.”

Since ancient times, there were many poems about butterflies.  However, this butterfly’s movement was very unconventional and it was very hard to describe.

So this seemed easy, but it was also hard.

“Ning’er, miss Xia, which one of you wants to go first?”

Xia Yu Yan thought about it.  In this competition, whoever went first was at a disadvantage, so she quickly said, “How could Yu Yan dare go before the Princess Consort?  Naturally it should be the Princess Consort that goes first.”

Chen Ning looked at her and nodded with a faint smile, “Then I’ll go first.  Aunt Su Jin, can you help me count the time?”

Su Jin looked at Empress Dowager Zhou who gave a nod.

She stood up, revealing her slim figure.  That blue skirt was blown up by the wind, dancing in the breeze.

She slowly took a step forward.  Su Jin then counted, “One.”

She took another step forward, with her long robe slightly moving.  As she took step by step forward, when she reached the third step, Chen Ning’s eyes suddenly lit up and she said with a smile, “I got it!”

Everyone was shocked.  They couldn’t believe this and they didn’t dare believe this.

Chen Ning continued moving forward, while speaking in a clear and melodious voice.

“One, two, three, four.  Five, six, seven, eight.”

Her voice fell here and everyone revealed a shocked expression.

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