Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 433

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Chapter 433: The emperor’s flattering

When Mo Chuan heard this, he looked at him and slightly shook his head, “This one called you here is not because I want you to kill someone.  If I wanted to kill someone, this one has the secret guards and would not need to call you here.  Not to mention the fact that they have already entered our West Chu Country and are only a few days from the capital, it would be a large matter if they were to die in our country.”

“Then why did the emperor call me here?”  What Chu Shao Bai said earlier was just words of anger.

He had no choice but to admit, although the Emperor was only a bit older than him, his reasoning, his eyes, and his thoughts were all much deeper than his.

Mo Chuan considered it a bit and then slowly said, “You’re smart with good qinggong and martial arts, so this one wants you to investigate the East Qin’s envoy and find out what their goals are.  The so called know your enemies so you can know yourself.”

He took the letter from Chu Shao Bai’s hand and pointed out a few words on the letter, “This East Qin’s envoy is very mysterious and there is no mention of his origin in this letter, making it very suspicious.  I hope you can think of a way to sneak into their East Qin envoy’s group and find out the secrets of the special envoy.”

It really was a good idea.

Chu Shao Bai wanted to agree, but he suddenly thought of the task Empress Dowager Zhou gave him and he paused for a second.

“Emperor, this matter should not require Shao Bai to go personally, right?  Zhui Feng should be able to complete this task as well.  His qinggong is not below mine, he is very vigilant, and he’s not dumb.”  He praised Zhui Feng.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go, but if he went to find the East Qin envoy’s secret, then he wouldn’t be able to stay by her side and protect her.

“Zhui Feng’s martial arts and qinggong cannot compare to yours, and he isn’t as smart as you.  This one only believes you.  Shao Bai, are you not willing?”

Mo Chuan actually gave him three praises.

Chu Shao Bai suddenly felt like he was flying as he said in his heart, “It was rare for the emperor uncle to praise him, flattering him.  He had to go whether he was willing or not.  Compared to guarding the temple this was a matter regarding the entire country.   Weighing the pros and cons, he had to make this decision.”

“Alright, this minister is willing.  However, Shao Bai has a favour to ask of the emperor.”

“Oh, what is it?”  Mo Chuan looked up.

“It’s something the Empress Dowager has entrusted Shao Bai…..”  Chu Shao Bai repeated everything Empress Dowager Zhou told him and then said, “After this minister leaves, I hope that the emperor can send people to protect the temple and protect the Ding Yuan Princess.”

Mo Chuan’s expression did not change as he nodded, “Shao Bai, you can go assured.  Regarding this defending the Peaceful Life Palace matter, this one will take care of it for you.  When you come back, the Ding Yuan Princess will be perfectly safe, without a single hair missing.”

Chu Shao Bai was pleasantly surprised, “Many thanks emperor!  This minister will leave immediately.”

Mo Chuan also nodded.

Chu Shao Bai looked at the sky outside, the third period was already gone and his meeting time with that brat Hei had already passed.  Would that brat Hei have thought that he ran in defeat?

[TL note: Third period is a part of the twelve two hour periods in the day, from 11pm to 1 am.]

He rubbed the thunderbolt eggs in his sack and he thought that brat Hei was lucky.  When he came back, he would let him see just how powerful these thunderbolt eggs were!

“Shao Bai, you have to be careful.  This one will send Zhui Feng with you, you have to take care of each other.”

Mo Chuan’s right hand pressed a few buttons on the dragon throne which sent out a secret signal.

Very quickly, Zhui Feng’s figure silently appeared in the royal study.

He came and left just like the wind, it was just like his name.

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