Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 431

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Chapter 431: Men also like gossip

He knew the habits of the emperor.  The less sounds he made and the darker his eyes became, it showed how the emperor’s rage was about to explode.

Xiao Si was afraid and curious on what was written in the letter that could shake Mo Chuan this deeply.  The calm emperor that could not be moved was actually exploding with rage?

He stood there nervously when he suddenly heard clothes fluttering in the wind and quick movement towards the door.  He turned to look and saw one white and one grey figure flying in, it was Chu Shao Bai and Zhui Feng.  Her let out a long sigh of relief.

“King Jing An, please come in.  The emperor is waiting for you.”

Xiao Si waited until Chu Shao Bai entered the imperial study before closing the door.  He patted his chest as he quickly moved away.

Zhui Feng looked at him with disdain.  He curled his lips and said, “Xiao Si, look at you worthless child, you don’t even know to be a punching bag for the angry emperor?  What good do you have?”

Xiao Si gave a laugh, “Zhui Feng, if you’re not afraid of the emperor’s anger, then why didn’t you go in?  You are the emperor’s secret guard, you should always be protecting the emperor.”

Zhui Feng’s expression did not change as he said, “The emperor and King Jing An were discussing national secrets.  We servants are responsible for the emperor’s safety, so we can’t hear this.”

“Humph, stop lying.  You’re just like me, afraid of the Emperor’s anger.”  Xiao Si made a face at Zhui Feng.

He jumped onto a large tree in the yard and sat down on a branch.  He watched Mo Chuan’s figure while supporting his chin with a hand, not being able to suppress his sigh.

Others were envious that his master was the emperor, but this little eunuch that followed the emperor knew that his master was not happy at all and that being the emperor was very tiring.

He had to read many reports and solve many cases, caring about every large and small matter in the state.  As long as it was a problem that could not be solved, it would be sent to his master to have his master solve.

It was a good thing the one solving these problems was his master and not him, otherwise he would have gone crazy already.

Zhui Feng looked over and also jumped into the tree.  He sat down beside Xiao Si and intimately hooked his arm over his shoulders.

“Brother Xiao Si, I want to talk about something with you.”  He spoke with an evil smile.

“What is it?”  Xiao Si immediately looked at him with vigilance.

“The emperor is inseparable from you and will bring you no matter where he goes.  Some time ago, the emperor always disappears after morning court and even a secret guard like me can’t find out where he goes.  Tell big brother Zhui Feng, where does our emperor go?”  Zhui Feng did not want to gossip, but he couldn’t help feeling curious.

“Qu, qu, qu, this is the emperor’s private matter, you better not ask about it.”  Xiao Si rolled his eyes and pushed away the hand on his shoulder.

Zhui Feng immediately smiled, “So you don’t know either.  Not only has the emperor dumped me, he has also dumped you.”

“Nonsense, who says I don’t know.  I know everything about the emperor.”  Xiao Si angrily replied.

“Brother Xiao Si, stop acting tough.  It’s fine if you don’t know.”  Zhui Feng revealed a sneer.

“I do know, the emperor is always at……”

Xiao Si did not finish before the window of the royal study suddenly opened and a black thing flew out.

With a “pa” sound, they found it was a plate of black ink that fell onto Xiao Si’s cheek.

“The two fellows on the trees, scram for this one now!”

Mo Chuan’s cold voice made the two of them tremble in fear.  They jumped down from the tree and disappeared without a trace.

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