Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 422

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Chapter 422: Putting on a charade

Chen Ning calmly replied, “Empress Dowager, this minister’s concubine has just said it.  This flower needs to be smelled for a long time to be poisoned and because the Empress Dowager loves this flower, you will stay by it for long periods of time.  Aunt Su Jin said that you see the Spring Jade almost every day and the people around all know that this is your favourite flower.  So the keep far away, not daring to get close and that is why they weren’t poisoned.”

After Empress Dowager Zhou heard this, she fell into deep thought again.  There was a part of her heart that believed everything Chen Ning said.

“Mother, your son is willing to guarantee Ning’er’s words.  Your son believes that her method will be useful.  Ning’er has never been a person that is casual with her words.”

Empress Dowager Zhou suddenly looked at him and coldly said, “Emperor, you believe her words and want this widow to drink the water from the Spring Jade’s roots?  You do know that there is poison in that water!”

“Your son knows!  If after mother drinks this…..and something happens, your son is willing to die as an apology!”  Mo Chuan waved his robe and kneeled down in front of Empress Dowager Zhou with a determined expression.

“How audacious!”  Empress Dowager Zhou’s expression filled with rage, “Have you lost your mind after being enchanted by this girl?  You even dare say something like this!  Why do you believe her words!”

Mo Chuan’s expression turned serious and said in a deep voice, “Mother, do you remember where this Spring Jade flower came from?”

“Your meaning is?”  Empress Dowager Zhou was stunned like she thought of the same thing.  Her expression changed from anger to seriousness, “You’re saying…..”

She suddenly realized why the emperor sent everyone out.

Could it be that someone had placed their ears in her Peaceful Life Palace?

She suddenly felt a chill run down her spine and she couldn’t help shivering.

“Mother, there is a lot of wind in the yard, so let’s go inside and talk.”  Mo Chuan stood up and spoke in a considerate manner.

Hearing this, Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help looking at Mo Chuan and her heart filled with a trace of discomfort.

“Are you worried about this widow’s body, or are you worried about the girl kneeling on the ground?”

“Your son is of course worried about mother.”  Mo Chuan slowly supported Empress Dowager Zhou into the room.

Empress Dowager Zhou gave a knowing snort.

“Girl, you come as well.”

Mo Chuan and Empress Dowager Zhou way of questioning each other was like playing charades, but Chen Ning was smart.  She had already guess that this was a secret of related to the royal family and it was best for her to know as little as possible.

She was planning to sneak off after they went into the room, but Empress Dowager Zhou guessed what she was thinking and called her out.

She helplessly followed Mo Chuan and Empress Dowager Zhou in with a bitter smile on her face.

Mo Chuan supported Empress Dowager Zhou onto the couch and then personally brought over a pillow for her to lean on before sitting down beside Empress Dowager Zhou.

“Ning’er, mother is tired.  Come and help mother massage her feet.”  He winked at Chen Ning.

“Forget it, the Ding Yuan Princess has a respected status, this widow is not willing to give her grievances.”  Empress Dowager Zhou waved her hand and pointed at a footrest to the side, “Sit down first.”

Chen Ning listened to her and sat down.  She had been kneeling for a while now and her legs were already sore.  If it wasn’t for what Mo Chuan said, she didn’t know how long she would still be kneeling for.

She couldn’t help complaining in her heart.  There were too many rules with the royal family and they always had to kneel.  It was no wonder Xiao Yan Zi invented the “easy kneeling”.

[TL Note: This is a reference to the drama My Fair Princess.]

However, in front of Empress Dowager Zhou, she needed to maintain a dignified appearance.

“Ning’er, you said that mother was poisoned by the Spring Jade and as long as she drank the water from the Spring Jade roots, she would be okay.  Can you guarantee that nothing will happen to mother?”  Mo Chuan deliberately asked.

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