Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 420

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Chapter 420: Poisoning the Empress Dowager

“It is like this!”  Empress Dowager smacked down her cane as she snappily replied.

She liked the Spring Jade because of this reason.  Every night she couldn’t sleep and her head ached, it would calm down quite a bit just by smelling this Spring Jade.

But she never thought that this flower she treated as a treasure would be destroyed by this little girl.  How could she not be filled with hate!

“This minister’s concubine has read a book that has recorded this Spring Jade before.  The book said that this was a flower that bloomed all year and the scent had a strong awakening effect to it, but it could not be smelled for long periods or it would cause harm.  If you frequently breathe this flower’s fragrance, you will be poisoned by the flower.  The people poisoned will find it hard to rest and it will seem like insomnia, but if you don’t detox this poison, it is likely you will…..will….”  Chen Ning looked up at Empress Dowager Zhou and could not continue speaking.

How could Empress Dowager Zhou not understand what she meant.  She coldly finished, “I’ll lose my life, right?”

Chen Ning looked down without saying anything, giving her silent agreement.

“Very good, your words are clear and logical.  Since you’ve said you’ve seen it in a book before, you should know how to detoxify the poison, right?”  Empress Dowager Zhou revealed an angry smile.

How could one be poisoned just by smelling a flower, this was simply nonsense!

So she did not believe Chen Ning’s words, not a single word.  It was all just sophistry!

“If you can’t tell me the method of detoxifying this poison, then don’t blame this widow for not giving great general Chen face.”  Empress Dowager Zhou’s face sank and her heart filled with killing intent.

Chen Ning nodded, “That’s right, there is a method of detoxifying it.  You just need to boil some water with this flower’s root and the poison will be dispelled.”

“It’s that simple?”

Not to mention the Empress Dowager not believing this, even Su Jin did not believe this.

If the Empress Dowager really was poisoned, why were the most skilled and highest ranked doctors unable to tell?

And the detoxification method Chen Ning mentioned was as simple as child’s play.

“Empress Dowager, you must have had some sleep medicine last night and must have had nightmares all night.  Although you slept until dawn, you probably still feel tired and sleepy.  It this minister’s concubine right?”  Chen Ning calmly said.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart suddenly turned cold.  After a long while of silence, she slowly said, “That’s right.”

Su Jin couldn’t help revealing a look of surprise.

“Empress Dowager, you have been poisoned by this flower and you can cure the symptoms, but you can’t cure the cause.  If you want to be cured, then you just need to drink the Spring Jade root concoction.  The Empress Dowager can give it a try and if it has no effects, then this minister’s concubine’s head is here and the Empress Dowager can cut if off as she pleases.”  Chen Ning looked up with a face that contained no fear.

Empress Dowager Zhou coldly said, “Who knows if there is poison in the root of the Spring Jade.  What if you’re thinking of using this method to poison this widow?”

Chen Ning nodded, “Empress Dowager is not wrong, there is a very strong toxin in the Spring Jade’s roots.  If a normal person takes it, their body will begin convulsing and their heart will beat fast before they die.”

“Princess Consort!”  Su Jin couldn’t help calling out.

This Princess Consort was too bold, was she trying to poison the Empress Dowager!  However, how could she directly say it like this?

Empress Dowager Zhou’s face sank and her cane smacked the ground.  She was prepared to speak, but she heard Chen Ning speak first.

“This minister’s concubine said that it would be poisonous for normal people.  However, this will clear the flower poison in the Empress Dowager and cure your illness.  This is the logic of using poison against poison.”

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  1. trannon1 says:

    The characters are starting to feel very simplistic. Why is the ED getting angry? It is obvious that no one would admit there is poison if they are trying to harm others. Not to mention CN has no motive whatsoever, it is kinda ridiculous.

    • pliszka says:

      ED is cranky after a night spent on dreaming nightmares, but besides she has two reasons to be sceptical. She basically arrested CN and prevents marriage with the emperor, so she is clearly an obstacle for cn. Secondly, she is supposed to digest a poison that would be making everybody sick, except being a medicine for her. A bit too neat. I would ask about the book to check myself.

    • Kia says:

      she should be focusint on the person who gave her the flower if she did not buy it herself

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