Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 418

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Chapter 418: What a lie

“I never thought the Princess Consort’s writing would be so beautiful.  This flower like writing is the Empress Dowager’s favourite.  This servant will take it to her for her to take a look.  After the Empress Dowager sees it, she will definitely praise the Princess Consort.”  Her face was covered in a smile.

“Alright, take it.”  Chen Ning nodded.  She knew that Xiao Bai knew what the Empress Dowager liked, that’s why he used these small flower like writing.

As for the other font, although Xiao Bai said he used his left hand to write it…..it was just a lie!

She did not believe it!

Mo Chuan must have came by!

Su Jin carried the scriptures in her hands as she walked out with a smile.

When she came back, she was much more affectionate to Chen Ning compared to before.  After Empress Dowager Zhou saw the scriptures copied, she also liked her even more.

The Empress Dowager said that it must be hard for the Princess Consort to copy the scriptures all night.  If the Princess Consort is willing, you can go to her yard to enjoy the flowers and drink some tea.

Chen Ning’s eyes lit up.  Was this letting her get some fresh air?

“Of course I’m willing.”  Only a fool would be unwilling and she was not a fool.

Leaving the temple, a cool breeze of fresh air blew into her face.

Chen Ning took a deep breath and looked forward, seeing a large flower garden.  It was very lush and green, with several exotic plants being planted.

It was their blooming period, so all the flowers were opening up.  They looked very beautiful in the dawn light.

“The Empress Dowager really likes flowers, so she has sent many people to find all kinds of exotic flowers.  There are many flowers that this servant does not know the name of, can the Princess Consort identify them?”

Chen Ning slowly walked in the flower garden, looking at the clear dew drops on the flower petals.  The air was filled with a flower fragrance that calmed one’s mind.

Su Jin was by her side with a smile on her face.

“I’ll name some then,  If I name them wrong, aunt can’t laugh at me.”

Chen Ning walked forward while pointing at the flowers around her and giving their names.  She even spoke of their growth habits and their flowering periods.

Her mind was filled with pictures and descriptions of flowers.  Although she had not seen the real flower, comparing the two, there were rarely any differences.

“The Princess Consort is completely right, this servant is in awe.”  Su Jin’s chin almost fell down while listening.

She believed that even a person that loved flowers like Empress Dowager Zhou didn’t know half of what Chen Ning knew.

No wonder the emperor would like her.  This Princess Consort was not just an embroidered pillow that had a pretty face and no brains.

“But I have only seen them in books and this is my first time seeing the flowers in real life.”  Chen Ning told the truth.

Suddenly she stopped moving and her two beautiful brows creased together.  Her eyes fell onto a white flower in front of her.

This was a small flower the size of a fist that had layers upon layers of snow white petals, also releasing an intoxicating sweet scent.  She leaned closer to the flower and took a whiff, feeling the scent enter her chest, immediately feeling a bit more alert.

“This is the Empress Dowager’s favourite flower, it’s called Spring Jade.  This is a flower that blooms all year round and the flower it shows is very beautiful and fragrant.  The Empress Dowager comes to see it everyday.  The Empress Dowager frequently says that breathing in this flower’s scent is very soothing.  Does the Princess Consort also like this flower?”

“Spring Jade?”  Chen Ning’s brows knit even tighter and her eyes turned dark.

“Aunt Su Jin, does the Empress Dowager suffer insomnia and this illness is not light?”  Chen Ning suddenly asked.

“Yi?  How do you know this?”  Su Jin’s eyes went wide in surprise.

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