Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 388

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Chapter 388: Old ginger is spicy

The young girls all lined up and walked one by one in front of Empress Dowager Zhou.  They reported their names and walked away with a phoenix hairpin.  Every girl that thanked her also secretly couldn’t help looking at the emperor beside Empress Dowager Zhou.

“Not bad, not bad, these girls are all very ladylike.  They are graceful and dignified, this widow is very satisfied with them.  What does the emperor think?”

Empress Dowager Zhou looked down at the flower like girls with squinted eyes, liking them even more.

Mo Chuan had no expressions as he spoke in a cold voice, “Your son does not like a single one.”

Empress Dowager Zhou smiled and said, “Since the emperor does not like a single one, then this widow will pick one I like.”

She said with a kind expression, “Would the girl named Ning’er come up and let this widow take a look at you?”

Hearing the word “Ning’er”, several people’s expressions couldn’t help changing.

Mo Chuan’s eyes sunk, but he did not say a word.

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned dark as his left hand gripped the back of his chair, making his protruding knuckles turn white.

The girls all stood there looking down, with no one coming forward.

Empress Dowager Zhou asked in a curious voice, “Is there really not a girl here named ‘Ning’er’?”

The eldest princess was having a drinking contest with Ye Ting Xuan the entire time.  She gave a drunk laugh when she heard this and pointed at Chen Ning before saying, “Mother, the Ding Yuan Princess is named ‘Ning’, so this child has always called her ‘Ning’er’…..Wu…..”

Before she could finish, Ye Ting Xuan had covered her mouth.

“I ask for the Empress Dowager’s forgiveness.  The eldest princess has drank too much and is drunk.”

“Nonsense, this princess is not drunk at all.  Ning’er, come and testify for this princess, I’m not drunk.”  The eldest princess pulled aside Ye Ting Xuan’s hand and grabbed Chen Ning.

Chu Shao Yang suddenly stood up and press down on the back of the eldest princess’ hand.  He said in a deep voice, “Royal aunt, your really are drunk.  You should have Husband Ye send you back.”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s face turned dark.  She looked over at them and her gaze fell onto Chen Ning’s face.

Her eyes were deep, revealing no emotions at all.  She gently spat out, “Xiao Si.”

Xiao Si was already shaking, hiding behind Mo Chuan.  He knew that he could no longer hide, so he kneeled down in front of Empress Dowager Zhou, not daring to raise his head.

“This servant is here.”

“Tell this widow, what is going on here?”  Empress Dowager Zhou looked down at Xiao Si.

“Empress Dowager, this servant made a mistake and spoke nonsense.  This servant…..This servant knows nothing.”  Xiao Si continued to kowtow on the ground, speaking incoherent words.

Mo Chuan really wanted to kick his butt, wishing that this incompetent fellow would scram as far as possible.

Empress Dowager Zhou was not angry and just smiled, giving an “ah” sound.

“Emperor, this widow wants to hear what you have to say.”  She looked over with a cold gaze at Mo Chuan.

Mo Chuan had an indifferent expression as he looked at Empress Dowager Zhou and calmly said, “Your son just said earlier that I do not like any of these girls.”

“Very good.  Before this widow arrived, it seemed like something big happened earlier.  Tell this widow, just what happened?”

The Empress Dowager Zhou was like a ginger that became spicier with age.  She had controlled the harem palace for many years and there was nothing in the palace that escaped her ears.

Mo Chuan knew that Empress Dowager Zhou should already know what happened, so he refused to answer.

He already knew what Empress Dowager Zhou came here for, so he had to make sure that she was not injured at all.

“Xiao Si, your master does not want to talk, but will a servant like you also not talk?  Do you know the consequences of going against this Empress Dowager in this palace?”

Empress Dowager Zhou was very clear on the temper her son had, so she wouldn’t force him.  Since the emperor would not talk, then someone else would talk.

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