Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: I’ve never touched her before


Chu Shao Yang’s words were like a giant stone being thrown into a calm lake.

The hall began to fill with whispers of disbelief.

“Your highness, you….you…..You can blame other things on Yun’er, but the child in Yun’er’s stomach is yours, this is the truth!”

Chen Bi Yun did not care about anything else.  She ran to Chu Shao Yang’s side, wishing to jump into his embrace.

Chu Shao Yang gently moved to the side and she fell onto the ground.  She began to let painful cries, feeling completely heartbroken.

She never would have dreamed that the man she loved the most would deny that his own flesh and blood was his to please that cheap woman.

“Chu Shao Yang, are you trying to make her child disappear and shirk your responsibilities?”

Although Chen Ning hated Chen Bi Yun, seeing this scene, anger towards Chu Shao Yang filled her chest.

This man’s heart was too black.  In order to pay her back for saving his life eight years ago, he would do anything, no matter how cruel it was.  He was even denying the child in Chen Bi Yun’s stomach.

“The child in her stomach has nothing to do with me, Chu Shao Yang.  I, Chu Shao Yang swear to the heavens that I have never touched her once.  I never did before the wedding and I never did after the wedding!”  Chu Shao Yang said in a direct manner.

When Chen Bi Yun heard this, her crying became even louder.  She sobbed as she said, “Your highness, if you never touched Yun’er, then whose child is in Yun’er’s stomach?  On the night four months ago, when your highness was drunk, you broke into Yun’er’s room.  Yun’er wanted to give you some hangover medicine, but you suddenly brought Yun’er to the bed and then you…..Wu, wu, wu……”  She choked up and could not continue.

However, everyone understood just from hearing this.  Everyone revealed an enlightened expression as their gazes towards Chu Shao Yang filled with even more contempt.

It was rape after being intoxicated!

Chu Shao Yang only gave a cold laugh.  He did not even look at Chen Bi Yun as his face filled with disgust.

Chen Bi Yun suddenly looked up at the high above emperor, “Emperor, this minister’s concubine dares to swear to the heavens that not a single word is false.  If this minister’s concubine is lying, then may lightning strike this minister’s concubine and then this child will also…..”

Chu Shao Yang suddenly cut her off, “Chen Bi Yun, you can speak nonsense, but you can’t make random vows.  If you use the child in your stomach to make a vow, then you will regret it.”

“Emperor, this minister’s concubine is not lying.  The child in this minister’s concubine’s stomach belongs to King Ding Yuan!”  Chen Bi Yun’s hair was in a mess and her eyes were red as she continued to cry out.

“Chen Bi Yun!”

Chu Shao Yang coldly looked down on her in a condescending manner.

“Is the truth truly as you described it?  Four months ago, it was your nanny that told me that you were the one that saved this king in the past.  This king did not investigate it and believed her lies, so I drank alcohol out of worry, but I never thought that there would be medicine in that alcohol!  Then you appeared and since you looked like Ning’er, this king believed that it really was you.  Adding in the medicine kicking in, I almost could not control myself and made a large mistake.  However, at the last moment, this king suddenly regained my senses and pushed you away before leaving through the window.  This king has never touched you once!  Chen Bi Yun, this king also wants to know just who this child in your stomach actually belongs to!  Which man’s evil seed does this belong to!”

Chen Bi Yun was stunned.  Her dazed eyes looked at Chu Shao Yang while muttering and shaking her head.

“No, it’s not like this.  The child in my stomach belongs to you.  That night, the man I was with was you…..”

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  1. trannon1 says:

    Suddenly, I am questioning the author and wondering if they forgot the plot. CSY literally treated CBY like gold, we even saw it in his thoughts. How is it that suddenly everything flips? The child isn’t his this entire time? Why he treat her so well then? It doesn’t make sense.

    • Usagichan says:

      I wonder the same??? So inconsistent!

    • Dermam says:

      Basically what the author is trying to tell us, is he was always prepared to protect the girl that saved him back then….even if she was pregnant while they got married. Too bad he killed the original girl.

  2. selki says:

    Plot twist. How he treated the kid kinda makes sense now since he never cared about the kid until one time recently. It also explains why he treated her so well even though she was pregnant with another man’s kid if he thought she was the one who rescued him before.

    Still doesn’t justify how terrible he has been treating Chen Ning. He tried to drown her in the bath! That was not caused by anyone but himself. It doesn’t matter how angry a woman makes you…a real man won’t lay a finger on a woman.

  3. Maki says:

    Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Ssavilin says:

    Pair of shameless people

  5. joellyanne says:

    Crumbs this is getting more tufsy turvy…. Thanks.

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