Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 365

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Chapter 365: Release that girl

There was a blue robed little eunuch leading a beautifully dressed palace robed girl into the banquet hall, walking in with in an elegant manner.

She was wearing a large red dress adorned with cherry blossoms.  The dress fluttered as she slowly walked in, looking incredibly charming.

She was delicate and elegant, with hair like fog.  The soft sunlight shined down on her hair, face, and shoulders, making her look like a painting.

This young girl appearing in the entrance was like the appearance of a beautiful pearl, attracting everyone’s attention, making them all take a gasp of cold air.

Her brilliance shined on everyone and even the large halls behind her became brighter when she appeared.

“Who is this beautiful young girl?”

No one knew who she was and everyone silently asked this in their hearts.

When those young girls from the large families that were acting coquettish, who wanted to attract the attention of the emperor saw this girl’s beauty, they couldn’t help feeling ashamed.  They all looked down and their hearts filled with hate and envy.

No matter who this girl was, since she was this beautiful, the emperor will definitely fall in love with her!

“Miss, please come this way.”  Xiao Si was very attentive, preparing to bring Chen Ning to the emperor’s side.

He did not know who Chen Ning was, but since she was the girl the emperor liked, then she would definitely sit by his side.

Ever since that young girl appeared, Chu Shao Yang’s eyes were fixed on her face, not even blinking once.

His body began to slightly tremble and even he did not notice that his right hand was tightly grabbing his jade belt.  It continued to apply more force until a sudden “beng” sound rang out and the metal belt in his hand had been snapped in two.

The beautiful jade embedded into the belt fell onto the floor.  Each piece of jade was priceless, but he did not even spare it a single glance.

Chen Ning’s eyes were calm as she looked over at Chu Shao Yang without any expressions.

With the emperor’s personal promise, she no longer needed to hide herself.  She would just let him see her true appearance.

From his shocked expression, she knew that he had recognized her as the one who threw the two thunderbolt eggs at him.

However, in addition to the shock in his eyes, there was also something that she could not understand.

There was pain and affection, as well as a kind of care that seemed to come from the his bones itself…..

Chen Ning couldn’t help feeling a chill.

Damn, how could he feel affection for her!

In front of the emperor and various ministers, Chen Ning believed that even if he recognized her, he wouldn’t dare to make a move against her.

She calmly walked forward, like she did not even see him.

“Freeze!”  When they passed by him, Chu Shao Yang suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist.  From his gritted teeth, he spat out this single word.

His grip was very tight and Chen Ning took in a cold breath from the pain before revealing a frown.

She did not even have time to say anything before Xiao Si began to shout.

“King Ding Yuan, you really are bold!  Let go of this girl already!”

This was the girl that the emperor liked, how could random people touch her.

He angrily rushed forward, wanting to pull Chen Ning’s hand from Chu Shao Yang’s grip.

Chu Shao Yang swept out his robe and sent a strong attack out.  Xiao Si quickly moved back, but he suffered a strong blow, losing his breath.

“She is this king’s princess, so this king can do whatever he wants!  How can a servant like you intercede!  If you dare insult me again, then this king will not be polite with you!”

Chu Shao Yang held Chen Ning’s wrist as his face filled with pride, as if he was declaring something.  His cold eyes swept over the crowd before falling onto Xiao Si’s face.


It was like the entire hall had exploded.

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