Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: This joke isn’t funny

There was a hall in the center of the garden with no doors or walls, transparent on all sides, so one could see the garden around them while sitting inside.

The feast was set up inside this hall and the places had already been set.  The ministers were seated by the eunuchs according to their ranks.

In the southern most position was a royal seat that was embroidered with gold.  One could tell with a single glance that it was the emperor’s seat, but it was currently empty.  The emperor had not arrived just yet.

Chu Shao Yang was King Ding Yuan, so his seat was right beside Eldest Princess An Le’s seat.

Without being seated yet, Chen Ning saw Eldest Princess An Le walk into the hall holding Ye Ting Xuan’s hand.

The two of them were dressed in beautiful clothing, making them look like immortals.  They immediately became the center of attention as various ministers came over, giving their greetings and praises.

The eldest princess ignored them all.  Her eyes swept across the hall, looking for a person.

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile, knowing that the eldest princess was looking for her.  She wanted to take her hand back from Chu Shao Yang and greet them, but he would not let go.

“Chu Shao Yang, let me go.  The eldest princess is looking for me.”

“What?  Are you that anxious to separate from this king?  You think the eldest princess has paved the way for you and the emperor will agree?”  Chu Shao Yang gave a cold laugh.

Although he knew that she came to separate from him, seeing that happy expression on her face made his heart feel uncomfortable.

“Chu Shao Yang, at the last moment, are you filled with regret?”  Chen Ning looked back.

“What if this king is regretful?”  Chu Shao Yang said without any changes in his expression.

Chen Ning couldn’t help being stunned.  She suspiciously looked at Chu Shao Yang, wanting to see if his words were true or not.

Chu Shao Yang’s expression did not change and his eyes were like a bottomless lake, as he stared right at her.

Standing behind him, Chen Bi Yun’s face turned pale.  However, she was wearing a veil like Chen Ning, so it could not be seen.

Not to mention the fact that Chu Shao Yang had not looked at her at all.

“He, he, your highness’ joke is not funny at all.”  Chen Ning looked to the side, avoiding his aggressive stare.

His gaze seemed like he wanted to eat someone.


The eldest princess finally noticed Chen Ning and beckoned to her from the distance.  Chen Ning used this opportunity to leave.

She broke free from Chu Shao Yang’s grasp and walked over to the eldest princess with a smile, bowing down to give a greeting.

“There’s no need to be polite with this princess, get up already.”  The eldest princess pulled Chen Ning up by her hand.  This affectionate move made the jaws of everyone drop.

She pulled Chen Ning forward and looked her over, revealing a gaze of shock.  Seeing the veil on her face, she asked in a curious voice, “Why are you covering your face with that?”

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile and replied in with another question, “Eldest princess, when can Ning’er see the emperor?”

“This princess will take you to see the emperor, but this princess wants to ask you again, have you thought this through?  Actually that stinky brat, he’s really…..”

The eldest princess looked over at Chu Shao Yang.  She wanted to say a few words for him, but when she saw Chen Bi Yun at his side, her expression fell and her tone became angry as she said, “This brat actually brought his concubine into the palace, he really isn’t anything good.  Come, this princess will take you to the emperor now.”

She no longer had any hesitation as she grabbed Chen Ning’s hand and walked out of the hall, heading in a southerly direction.

Chu Shao Yang chased after them for two steps before he was stopped by a smiling Ye Ting Xuan.

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