Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: A perfect reason

When Chen Bi Yun and Miss Chen were filled with despair, they heard a “dong” sound and a stool fell beside the two of them, floating in the water.  Like grasping at a straw, the two of them quickly grabbed the stool.

“Chen Bi Yun, you’ve tried to hurt me three times, but I couldn’t let the child in your stomach die.  On account of your child, I will spare your life today!  However, I will warn you, if there is another time, then I will not let you go again!”

Chen Ning eyes were deep as she stared at Chen Bi Yun in the water, slowly speaking in a cold voice.

She stood there on the ship with a face of ice.  With a flip of her skirt, she proudly turned and left.

Chen Bi Yun and Miss Chen were both shocked, but they didn’t have time to think about it.  The two of them grabbed the stool as they rowed themselves to the shore.

It was lucky that they were not far from the shore.  After rowing for a while, the two of them finally reached the shore and embarrassingly dragged themselves out of the water.

Chen Bi Yun throat was disgusted and she continued to vomit out the lake water in her stomach.  Miss Chen was vomiting out the water while looking at Chen Ning on the boat with narrowed eyes.  Her lips curled into an evil smile.

“Yun’er!  What happened to you?”

They suddenly heard a call from behind them, followed by a human figure falling from the sky.  It suddenly appeared behind Chen Bi Yun and picked up her wet body, with a nervous look on that handsome face.

“Your highness!”  Chen Bi Yun never imagined that Chu Shao Yang would appear here.  She had just escaped from death and her beloved man had appeared in front of her.  She was shocked and happy, tightly hugging him as she gave painfully cried.

“Yun’er, don’t cry.  Tell this king, what happened?  Why are you all wet?  Did you fall into the lake?  Tell this king, what actually happened?”

Chu Shao Yang tightly held Chen Bi Yun while revealing a frown.

Chen Bi Yun continued to cry while shaking her head, burying her face deep into his chest.  Her face had been stung red and purple, she did not want to let her beloved man see her ugly appearance.

“Miss Chen, tell this king what happened!  Tell me the truth.  If you even speak a single lie, this king will take your head!”

When Chu Shao Yang saw Chen Bi Yun’s unsightly appearance, his heart filled with pain as he turned and snapped at Miss Chen.

Miss Chen lowered her head and rolled her eyes.  Crying while prostrating, she said, “Reporting to your highness, it’s…..It’s the Princess Consort.  She…..She…..”

“It’s that cheap woman Chen Ning?”  Chu Shao Yang’s handsome face turned dark, becoming very sinister.  In a deep voice, he roared, “Say it!”

“The matter is like this.  The Concubine Consort and the Princess Consort had not seen each other in many days and was missing her, so she sent had this old servant invite the Princess Consort to a sightseeing trip on the lake.  While we were on the lake, bees suddenly flew to the ship from a nearby garden and continued to sting the Concubine Consort.  This old servant rushed to help the Concubine Consort, but at this moment, the Princess Consort took advantage of the Concubine Consort being unprepared to push her into the lake.  This old servant quickly acted, throwing a stool into the lake beside the Concubine Consort and jumped in as well.  The Concubine Consort and this old servant used the stool to reach the shore, escaping with our lives.”

Miss Chen’s mind quickly turned, immediately giving a perfect story for him.

Chu Shao Yang was instantly convinced and he angrily said, “Where is that cheap person Chen Ning!”

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