Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 323

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Chapter 323: Who wants you to take responsibility

So…..it’s because of this!

Chen Ning’s face turned red and her closed eyes suddenly opened, looking at him.

She understood his meaning.  He saw that she was…..bathing, so he left.

The veins popping out from his head and the sweat covering his forehead, as well as the ashamed and embarrassed look on his face meant that every word he said was true!

The deep anger and resentment in her heart suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Her eyes lit up, bright enough to cast a shadow, but her lips only revealed a faint smile.

She…..wasn’t angry?  She wasn’t blaming him anymore?

Mo Chuan suddenly took a deep breath and the shame and embarrassment on his face disappeared.

His expression became calm and relaxed, as if he had just come to understand something.

He tightly gripped her hand and looked at her as he slowly spoke, just like he was swearing something.

“I will take responsibility.”


What did this mean?

Chen Ning could not understand what he meant.  Turning her eyes and looking at his serious appearance, she suddenly understood.

When he said taking responsibility, he meant that!

He, he, this is really interesting!

Her face slightly blushed again.  Although he did not say it clearly, she knew that he must have seen something he shouldn’t have seen last night.  Otherwise, for a man like him, he would not say something like “taking responsibility”.

This was the best promise a man could give to a woman!

Her heart beated fast and her face burned.

If this was the modern era, wouldn’t these words be considered a proposal?

However, why would he want to take responsibility for her?  Was it because he had seen her body and that’s why he was marrying her?

What kind of bullshit old custom was this!

Chen Ning was suddenly filled with anger.  That slightly shy feeling and secret happy feeling completely disappeared.

“You…..are you willing?”

She looked up to see Mo Chuan expectantly looking at her.

He was waiting for her answer.

He had enough courage to admit his wrongs and had given her the promise of his lifetime.  Waiting for her answer, his breathing became faster from how nervous he was.

Seeing her lower her head in embarrassment and the beautiful blush on her cheeks, he felt his heart beating faster.

She had to agree, she had to!

“No.”  Chen Ning looked at him with a serious expression and clearly said, “I’m not willing.”

“Why?”  He was deeply shocked.  Gritting his teeth, the fingers holding her began to use more force.

“Why?  Good question.  I wanted to ask you, why do you want to take responsibility?  Is it because you saw my…..bathing figure?”  Her eyes shined as they looked at him.

He was silent.  Was this reason not enough?

Of course it wasn’t just because of this reason, but the only reason he could give her was this one!

“He, he.”  Seeing his silent appearance, she couldn’t help giving a cold laugh.  She had guessed right.  Her heart was filled with anger.

“What kind of person do you think I, Chen Ning am!  Will I marry you just because you saw my body?  Then you’re mistaken!  If I marry someone, I will marry the best man in the world.  He will pamper me, love me, spoil me, and pity me, only holding me in his heart!  Mo Chuan, take back your promise of taking responsibility because I, Chen Ning am not interested!  Go, leave right now!  I don’t want to see you again!”

She forcefully pulled her hand back.  Without even looking at him, she pulled her blanket up and completely covered herself with it.

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