Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 315

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Chapter 315: He only cares about her

“Him?  What him?”  Chu Shao Yang revealed a confused look, not understanding what Chen Bi Yun said.

“Your highness!”  Chen Bi Yun looked over at him, “What other him?  It’s the child in Yun’er’s stomach, your unborn child!”

“Oh.”  Chu Shao Yang’s expression relaxed.  Caressing Chen Bi Yun’s cheek, he said in a gentle voice, “This king is the most worried about you.  It’s fine as long as you’re safe and sound.”

Chen Bi Yun was feeling a little unhappy as she bit her lips.  She wanted to use these words to draw Chu Shao Yang’s attention to the child in her stomach and use this chance to talk to him about why he hadn’t given a title to his unborn son yet.  However, his expression was indifferent like he did not care at all.

This was also his child, so why did it seem like he only cared about her?  Why did he not care about the child in her stomach?

Chen Bi Yun was a little puzzled.  Looking up, she saw that beautiful and young face, and suddenly felt relieved.

He must be surprised that he was having a child already, not comprehending that he was about to become a father.

Over time, he would fall in love with the child in his stomach, she had confidence in this!

“Your highness, tonight…..can you stay with Yun’er?”  Her face relaxed as she smiled at him.

“Of course, this king will be with you every day, never leaving your side.”  Chu Shao Yang hugged her delicate body.  

Under the red light of the candle, her delicate face shined like crystals, as she revealed a bright smile.

With this kind of beauty in front of him and the fact that she was his beloved, if he said that he wasn’t moved at all, then he wouldn’t be a man.

He thought about what the doctor said before.  He could come back to the same room in april.  As long as he restrained himself for a bit, then he wouldn’t disturb the child in her stomach.

He was always controlling himself because he was worried that her body could not handle it.

However, at this moment, he could not hold it in any longer.  The blood in his body began to boil as his breathing accelerated.

“Your highness, Yun’er is very hot.”  Tears flowed from Chen Bi Yun’s eyes as she melted into his chest, revealing a bone melting sweet smile, “Can you help Yun’er take off her clothes?”

She saw something strange with him and her heart filled with joy and expectation.

She had waited this long and finally received her wish.

“Alright.”  Chu Shao Yang said in a whisper.  His eyes fell onto her sweet smile and his adam’s apple bobbed up and down.  Slowly lowering his head, he finally kissed the lips he had been waiting for.

This was the girl that he loved!  This was the girl he looked forward to marrying for eight years!  He had waited an entire eight years for her!

Looking forward to the day he could bed with her!

His heart continued to pound inside his chest, almost popping out of his chest.

As he came closer, a fragrance instantly filled his nose.  This was the smell from Chen Bi Yun.

But he did not know why he began to remember a faint sweet smell that was the fragrance of another girl’s body.  

He was suddenly shocked.  Opening his eyes, he saw a hibiscus like flower with slightly closed eyes and slightly curled red lips, looking forward with a blushed cheeks.

She was very beautiful!

She was beautiful enough to move the heart of every man in the world, he was not an exception.

However another person’s face appeared in front of his eyes!

That face was very ugly, always painted with red and white makeup that made her look like a clown in the circus.  However, those eyes revealed a bright look of never giving up, always being stubborn!

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